Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Mini Mania Month 2

This months design was inspired by this pattern   , but I couldn't wait for it to be sent to me so  I thought that I could probably draw it up myself. I wanted to check that the dimensions  I was using worked, so I must admit that I did have a sneaky try the day before it was due to be shared.

A bit of a tricky beastie, but they sizes fitted so it was shared on the due date.

 My drawing must have been smaller because this one measures  8" x 10 " and the original was 12" x 15" (that would've been easier! )

We had a rendezvous time of 10a.m. on 31st March via WhatsApp ( this is a mobile app that you can group share messages and photos)

Drum Roll please.....

 So this one is mine



 This month's has caused some very quite rude words to be uttered, but we are all pleased with the results.

There is another reveal this week. Higham Piecemakers ( a group that I belong to) run a Challenge at the end of each year.

This years quest was "to take an artist of your choice and recreate, in any fabric method you choose, one of their (recognisable) paintings".  This was to be fitted into a frame that was provided by  the group. All of these painting will be displayed at an exhibition of work to be held in September 2015/

This was the painting that I  chose
Wassily Kandinsky painting

And this is my attempt ...

I am quite pleased ( though may re stretch it as I can now see a dimple in the fabric!)  and was amazed at all of the other ladies contributions which you can see here
(blog will be updated Wednesday evening)

I have been quietly working away finishing off a couple of smaller items and now just have to sew the binding onto this quilt
 which will be handed over to Chilterns for them to raffle in the near future.

I have also been adding a few stripes to my crochet blanket but progress is not a good as I wanted because Little Miss has a cardigan on the order books, and who can deny a baby?

We have been 'issued' with Aprils Mini Mania pattern, so must get on with that as soon as possible. Then I am going to start on a new quilt for my newly decorated bedroom. I have chosen the fabrics that I will use and have whittled the pattern choice down to two so I may toss a coin for the final decision!

Have a Lovely Easter Weekend  x


  1. Well done you 'mini' quilters, it would drive me to distraction.

  2. Another trying but enjoyable mini mania quilt, Lesley!

  3. You just have to love those minis, especially once they are completed.😊. Your crochet is coming along nicely.