Wednesday, 27 May 2015

May Mini Mania

We also have May's reveal in our little Mini Mania group. A bit early this month as one of us is off on her hols soon.

We were given instructions to use three colours, Pink, Green and Yellow (chosen by three members)  and any background colour to make 36 Half Square Triangles and arrange as we pleased

I played around a bit but did know which of the designs I was going to use.
Ta Dah!
I do like a bit of asymmetry
This is Lynda's block - my pic is a bit fuzzy so I will get her to send me a better one!

Jo's Block This one isn't bound as she is joining all of hers together to make a quilt for someone special.
 We have a new member- Dee from over the pond has joined our little throng and this is her block.

 Dee has also set us up a Flickr group (thank you Dee - still trying to find my way around!) so if anyone wants to join just pop over there and you will be given the block for June

 So - same combination of units all looking very different!

June's Mini instructions will be issued by Jo  . She has got a head start (which is allowed) as she will be visiting family in Canada for several weeks and won't get the chance to "keep up"

Monday, 25 May 2015

A Fabulous Week!

 That started off with a pleasant train journey, arriving at Gatwick Airport on Saturday afternoon. I had been given an envelope with instructions written on the front, not to open until I got "the call" and not to forget my passport. That's as much as I knew

 I was then told that I would be staying at one of the on-site hotels, as it was an early start in the morning.

Off we tripped across to the hotel ready to check in and await "the call"


I turned around to see son "T"  and wife "E" and Little Miss "O" and Daughter "S" and husband "L" all sitting in the hotel lobby with cameras rolling to catch me out!

And the BEST bit?!!! They were coming too!!!

Oh My! I didn't know if I was on my heads or my heels.

Our destination was a beautiful villa in Argaka, a village in (very sunny) Cyprus!
a couple of clowns

It was a bit surreal - its usually me that is in on a plot.
Now - between us - I think there are around 1500 photos.

But don't worry I am not going to put you through that!

There was an awful lot of time spent in the pool
T showing his catching skills
 The temperature stayed in the 30's all week - not something we are used to!

Some great shots taken my several cameras. The young ones having fun doing "action"  and underwater shots with a Go-pro camera
S showing her tumbling skills
There were Oranges, Lemons, Grapefruit and Apricots growing all around the house, and the farmer popped his head over the fence to give us a supply of juicy apricots.

Lots of wildlife around including this cheeky chameleon doing a bit of climbing

The people in Cyprus are so friendly. We had some fabulous food and really good prices at the local tavernas.


spaghetti marinara

great sea bass
And before you know it, its all over!

 And the best bit?
Well some would think I will say something about Little Miss O who has kept us laughing, entertained and on our toes all week.

Some would think its the glorious weather that we enjoyed, or the food, or the beverages (if which there were many) 

But for me it was watching my children ( and their partners) enjoying each others company, I love that.

Back to home and it seems really quiet today. And BLUMMIN cold!!!
(16 degrees today!)

Washing all done - post opened ( nice little cheque there thank-you) and a message from Angel Andy at Sew Northampton to say that my sewing machine is serviced and ready for collection, (hope the cheque will cover that!)

I seem to have volunteered myself into a Swap group over on Instagram. Its called Around the World Craft Swap.  No idea what I am doing with the posting bit but have a couple of ideas on the item I am going to make, so will get on with that.  Hopefully I will get a bit of tuition on the technical side from someone who knows!!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Sooo Lucky!!!

I had been invited to visit a local woodland to hear the nightingales  sing their glorious chorus. So we set off into deepest darkest Bedfordshire Cambridgeshire Northamptonshire not exactly sure where countryside up a long bridle-path, where we started the walk. 

There were still swathes of beautiful bluebells
And the weather was being nice

These Silver Birch trees looked like they had frost topping them
And some huge specimen Oak trees
Everywhere was so quiet. No noise other than the birds singing.

With the occasional Muntjac deer barking from the undergrowth
The Nightingales were a little shy though we did hear some, they weren't in full voice.
So we headed over to a Badger set to see if there was any movement
The set was HUGE! It had many entrances

Anyway, we settled for a very quiet wait,  and as the last of the light was disappearing, out they came! I was so thrilled to see them even from afar. This was one thing on my "Bucket List" and now I can cross it off.
 No photos of the creatures as the light had almost gone and I was to busy watching to worry about the camera.

I do hope to be asked again.
I behaved very well.
I didn't laugh like a Hyena when I heard a commotion and saw my friend "S"  rolling around on the floor trying to get up quietly from where she had fallen. (though I confess that I did giggle under my breath)
And I didn't scream like a banshee when we heard a rustling in the undergrowth - and we knew it wasn't one of us!!
So hopefully our guide will have been suitably impressed and will set another date.

Sunday, 10 May 2015


What a week!!

All of my lovely family came last weekend to help me "celebrate" my birthday. I have got to the age (or past it) when I don't really want to count the years passing, but they do pass and we just have to get on with it. In my head I am MUCH younger than my birth certificate announces.

They weather was mostly kind and time was spent lounging around the garden after attending a friend's birthday party on Saturday night. Fortunately, I was the designated driver so was able to snigger at the grey faces and wild hair when the young ones got up on Sunday morning.

Monday arrived and parcels were opened

Just what I wanted
And then this .....
 with no more info other than I need to pack ready for a trip next weekend!  The factor 50 and bug repellent are no clue, I use these in the garden at home!  The sun hat is not my normal attire, but knowing my children it could very well be a joke. Anyway - Benidorm or Bognor - it will be nice to have a few days away!

I had lots of other lovelies too, including this rather grand lamp for the garden
it's huge!
 And a rather lovely new watch .....
which is quite a bit bigger than the one I presently wear, so hopefully I will be able to see the dial more easily!!

Little Miss O was her normal gorgeous self and again was quite happy getting wet. We let her just play away transferring water from one place to another then dropping stones and other things into the water. We did draw the line at letting her drink it!
 which reminds me - I have to go fishing for a mug and some measuring spoons!

Not much crafting has been done this week, but I did attend a crochet group on Friday where I showed off the progress of my blanket and began to hook an amigurumi snail but as you can see - there was much talking and not so much working going on!
just the head!!
 Yesterday Mr T was playing golf, so after a quick blitz of the house I did manage to piece another charity quilt top

 And cut and pieced this colourful cushion    I just have to embroider his face and whiskers on.

I have finished May's Mini Mania project (can't show you yet) and am delighted to see that the lovely "D" has decided to join in our little group.  So it's official - we are international

I have also got sucked into a swap group over on Instagram and a anticipating an email with info of who I am partnered with! It seems that many members are also in many other swap groups but I have just signed up to this one and will see how it pans out.

Lots to do in the garden but we had daughter and SIL visiting again this weekend and my girl does love to potter about in the garden, so we got more done than we expected. 

Am off into the loft to retrieve my suitcase to get ready for the surprise trip!

Saturday, 2 May 2015


I mean -SERIOUSLY!!  6 hours - SIX HOURS -

Just to sew two blocks. I know that there are quite a few pieces. The first of the two took just over 4 hours. That includes far too much a bit of unpicking. For some reason (probably because I should have been sorting out the chaos in the rest of the house) I just couldn't get the layout of the first block.

So now there are three blocks made up and 22 to go. So that means another 66 hours of piecing before I get to add the sashing. 

And people wonder why you aren't keen when they ask  "make me a quilt" (it's always a king size).

Just work out the labour charges ( I know sewing isn't a labour - I love my sewing machine). No one would pay what your time is worth. And that's not counting the cost of the fabrics, or the quilting time too.

I have recently taken a leaf out of a very good friends book and can say "No" without feeling guilty or making excuses. Don't get me wrong - I am happy to make for others, but now I choose what and when.

Unless it's for family and I haven't got quite that brave yet! 

We have another Bank Holiday Weekend here in the UK and all of my lovelies are arriving to spend the extended weekend with us.

Have a great weekend wherever you are.