Friday, 29 July 2016

Lots of Gardening

 has taken place over the past couple of weeks, and it still looks like an attack from "Day of the Triffids"!!
I am thrilled how this little display has turned out though!
Back in May

Some sewing is going on still. After the workshop at Group  I decided to experiment with the intention of making a Fold and Stitch wreath that had a straight outside edge.

Much thought went into this and I decided that a Hexagon shape would work

 Well, geometry was never my strong suit so I will be trying an Octagon next !!!

I had my Block of the Month box out to check that I was up to date with my homework, before Christine and David from Kids Quilts arrive to stay for a few days before heading off to exhibit at Festival of Quilts again. 

I have to confess, I was a bit behind,  but not anymore!


 Just a couple more block to arrive and then this bright and cheery quilt can be put together

This month's Mini Mania Challenge was "Seminole" so that has been finished in double quick time

 And included a bit of unpicking!  Note to Self - change the bobbin colour!!!

The reveal is not until Sunday so you will have to wait to see the finished item.

I have also been clicking the knitting needles away.

My Hilltop shawl is now finished - and I Love Love Love it !!  The colour is not to everyone's taste - but this one is for ME!!!

 The Antarktis Shawl only took a few evenings to finish -

and I won the "yarn chicken" - but only just!

 I had been encouraging a neighbour who likes to knit, but does not have much confidence so I thought that this shawl from Purlwise was a winner for her. She wants to gift one to one of her sisters. Three months on and she had not even cast on, so over the fence it was passed and I got my head down and completed this within the week!
 Though I will hang on to it for a bit or I may be asked to make her another!

With the new arrival due in a few weeks some baby knitting has gone on too.
This yarn was also purchased fro Purlwise and the pattern to go with it. I think the worst job of knitted garments is the sewing together so instead of knitting separate fronts and back I did this one altogether up to he armhole. It was only then that I realised that this design had a seam on the top of the sleeve!! 

Not happy with that so .....
can you see the join?
I "Kitchenered" the two pieces together. 

 After the baby knitting I think that this will be the next project
 We shall see......

 And a little snap of yesterday's trip to the "seaside" !!!
where's the water?!?
 Luckily Little Miss was happy jumping in the "muddy puddles!"

Thursday, 14 July 2016

The Production Line Has Ended!

 And Eight Reading Cushions have been delivered to Save the Children for the Woodstock shop

 A toys and a book will be tucked into the pockets for some quiet snuggle time
 Yesterday I had a mammoth cut back on lots of perennials in the garden and uncovered a gang of these revolting creatures.
they were HUGE!!!
 As you can imagine - they are now no longer there - UGH!!!

 Saturday saw another family gathering for BIL's and Niece's Birthday celebrations so baking was done in the morning

Favorite Chocolate recipe - before the Ganache was added
 and a Magic Custard cake
  and I have been relaxing in the evening with my Hill Top Shawl.  I was ready to bind off, but had quite a bit of yarn left,  so have added an extra lace repeat,  and am weighing the ball after every two rows so that I have enough left for the Picot edge.  I'm loving this yarn and the pattern is a happy easy knit
Hill Top Shawl by Helen Stewart
and I may have cast on another pattern - just to see if this yarn would work - and may have got a bit carried away!

Antarktis by Janina Kallio
Sunday saw the making of the Fold and Stitch Wreath sample that the Group will be making next week

 And if one goes OK - you just whip up another
I am looking forward (I think) to this workshop with the ladies

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Busy Couple of Weeks

 With Little Miss O staying with us - which somehow takes up all our attention!

We did visit a Mary and Stuart's lovely garden in Finedon.

 They open the garden through the National Gardens Scheme

 But we were invited for a "private" viewing

 which included Tea and cake
 It is not a large garden as such, but it is beautiful, and I'm sure is a full time job, keeping it as pretty as it is.

Then there was the Dying Day.....

 I had found 8 balls of this wool that was cleared out after my Mum passed away. I'm guessing that this is about 29 years old!!  But still lovely and soft and 100% wool so worth playing with
 Dyes were purchased and mixed
 And pots filled
 and mess made
 Playing with techniques
 Even using the microwave1
 At the end of a fun day Jo and I both had 4 skeins of hand dyed yarn
Then there was the VISIT

which took a couple of days to get over!!

The end of the month saw the Mini Mania June Reveal 

My Mini




Ann's (just the binding to go)


Some great Mini's again in June.
July's theme is Seminole Patchwork - fancy having a go? pop over to the group and join us!

I have finished my Downtown Line
oh those ends!!!

 And am very happy with the blocked shawl

 I was not going to cast on another project just yet and certainly not purchase any supplies .....but then I saw this lovely coloured  yarn, and just had to get out the Hilltop Shawl pattern

It had to be done.....

It's  super to knit (baby alpaca and silk mix) and I'm now on 50%. I love the way that Helen charts the progress in percentages so you can keep track of where you are

And then there was the 108 lavender bags sewn and some filled but waiting on more supplies of lavender. An artist friend sells these at events along with her beautiful Nature inspired art

Hoping to finish the 8 reading cushions for Save The Children before the weekend is out

plus a Fold and Stitch Wreath sample

that we are making at Group in a couple of weeks,

and then I can choose what I want to make next -

Or maybe just take a holiday!!!!!