Monday, 27 April 2015

April's Mini Mania Reveal

So April's instructions were handed out at the beginning of the month.  This is an 18" block, so compared with the 
8" x 10"  in March this one would be a breeze.

We used this pattern  (Instructions very clear and  easy to follow)
Cutting, pressing and piecing commenced quite quickly.
 (Mr T on the golf course)
 Spot the mistake!!
 another round added
 The last piece of this white on white. I shall be sorry to see it go, it's so lovely and crisp.

 Ta Dah!  this is my Mini


 A trio of pretties
It is funny that we all have used similar colours, purely coincidental.
We have been issued with the May instructions so will be selecting my fabrics ready for that.

I have cut out two more blocks for my Swoon quilt, and pieced all the Half Square Triangle ready to put together at the weekend
 Trimming all those corners
But no sewing was done this weekend. A visitor on Thursday who went on Friday, for another to arrive on Friday and one more on Saturday for departure Sunday.

It is lovely to have the house full again ( even better that it's only a short while!!)

I did manage to use a huge bag of Rhubarb that I had been given. 
One Rhubarb Crumble that went down very well with the men in the house and then a pan full that bubbled away
gently cooking
 And now we have 7 jars of this (slightly acid) jam. A jar has been donated to one who will give a true opinion but it tastes good to me. Will have to make a batch of scones to ladle it onto.
 Because the weather has been so mild, we have managed to get such a lot of jobs done in the garden, with potting on and planting out many varieties of plants.

And a great event today.

My lovely daughter, who is now grown up, was a collector and lover of all things Panda as a small child.  She had big ones and little ones and lots of in-between ones. She did favour a rather tubby 10" one so when we were asked if "Pandy" could accompany us on a transatlantic flight, we of course said Yes!!
He is about 30" long and shared MY seat !!!

Anyway Big Pandy is 20 + years old and very well travelled and today he had his first proper bath!!

and has gone from this...
To this!!
Still a bit damp and needs a bit of a fluff up but will be ready to cuddle shortly.

Which is good because all of my lovelies are visiting this weekend and Little Miss "O" has taken to the collection with delight. "S" may have a fight on her hands.

Have a Grand Weekend! 

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  1. I love your 'mini mania's' and amazing they are all similar colours. Panda is gorgeous!!