Thursday, 27 August 2015

Where Did August Go??

Well, some of ours was spent "down south" looking after this little lady whist Mummy & Daddy spent a couple of days in London celebrating my baby's 30th birthday. (where did 30 YEARS go!!!)
little miss independent CAN climb up - thank you!
We spent a lovely afternoon at Hadleigh Farm where Little Miss could feed the goats and sheep and generally wander along at her own pace.

We left abruptly after she suddenly took off after another child (who was holding hands with her parent) into the bamboo maze.  She was only a few feet away, but by the time we had dashed after her she had disappeared!!  Three ways to turn and Grandma is in a frenzied panic - screeching her name when Grandpa called "I've got her"   She thought it was great fun but my heart can't take that sort of excitement!!!

The good weather has caused the bikes to be dusted off  and a lovely ride via the Green-way along the old railway line ( nice because its mostly on the flat!) past Stanwick Lakes
Thrapston in the background
 It was a lovely morning - the billowing clouds kept the temperature down till we were almost home
across the valley towards Woodford
 The ride is just about 15 miles and quite easy really, and my legs weren't at all wobbly when we got home!!
Stanwick Lakes Visitor Centre

A bit more excitement having an Afternoon Tea with friends to celebrate "A"'s "noughty" birthday

 She is looking good for someone HER age !!!

Friday saw the arrival of this......
Which has been toyed with a couple of times, but is going to get a proper work out today!
A bit of this has occured

And a couple of extras for the Around the World Craft Swap that have been finished
Yesterday three friends came round and we all started the Tilda dolls that we had for Christmas

There was much frivolity and a LOT of stuffing of the tiny limbs

We all got on much better than we thought and I think that each of these dolls will be completed before the weekend is out.

I will show you more next time

You may remember that I am involved in the Mini Mania Challenge group over on Flickr

Well, our good friend "A" (her of the big birthday fame) is not one to "mess about" with some things.
Patience is not one of her virtues........ but obviously DETERMINATION  is because unbeknown to me -  but in cahoots with J & L she has caught up with the back issues and "revealed' these lovely minis to me!

And will be ready to reveal her August Challenge with the rest of us at the end of the month!
I am so impressed and somewhat speechless!

Well Done "A"

Actually - it seems that a lot has been done this last couple of weeks. Must keep this little blog more up to date!!

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Festival of Quilts (overload!!!)

Make a cuppa!  This is a LONG blog!

I'm still shattered after four days working on the Kids Quilts stand at the Festival of Quilts. I had a great time. Met loads of lovely people, caught up with some that I haven't seen since last Festival and generally had a ball. But it is exhausting!!

The lovely Christine & David
Christine and David travel up from New Zealand to show their gorgeous quilt designs and showcase the ranges of fabrics that Christine and daughter Rachel design for RJR fabrics.

 Thier stand is always so bright and cheery. And so well lit. David has a thing about lighting, which makes the colours jump out, but it is soooo hot with all those light bulbs glaring at you!
 Bugs A Lot is one of my favorite patterns

Festival is always really busy, and most of the time looks like this

But because I am working, I get to go in early so have a good chance to walk around when it looks like this....
I won't ramble on, but here are a few photos of the quilts that I really liked
The Quilters Guild competiotion

simple design

really effective quilting
 This one was my favourite
 Close up detail
 One of the winners
 and some detail

The Miniature Winner
8" square - amazing!!

Must finish mine like this one!

 Modern Mini's
 Best in Show
 This was the Your Quilters winner! Ages 12 - 18Years!

 And I got to meet the lovely Lissa Alexander from Moda

 My Boy/Man will be thirty this week so we had a bit of a bash.
His sister made the cake - it was scrummy - and full of E numbers!!

 It was so funny to see the two little ones scrambling under the table as all the sweeties bounced onto the floor when it was cut!

I made friends with my sewing machine this week. It was good to just sit and play whilst DH worked like a trojan in the garden!

The bunting triangles were trimmed

 And 10 sets of bunting are now ready for the sales table.
 I also had a major tidy in my sewing space.
Honest - this IS tidy!!
 And started this months Mini Mania project

 My unpicker became my new best friend!
 But after two days!! I have got it together
sneaky peak of the reverse

 The reveal is at the end of the month but there is not much more to do.

I hope next months is just as much fun!!!!!