Friday, 27 March 2015

I'm not showing you today!

I have finished a couple of small items that I am unable to show today.

Monday is our big REVEAL of this years Challenge from Higham Piecemakers and that is all done and framed and ready to show, and I am quite pleased if I say so myself!

Next week is also the Ta Dah! for our March Mini Mania - which has also been a bit of a challenge, but quite fun too. Really.

I have sewn and filled 126 ( odd number but that's how many!) lavender bags 

And the crochet is coming on nicely too 
I think the coral colour is wrong - but its not coming undone!
 The hardest thing is deciding which colours to use, so I have given up on this dilemma and am using all that I have,  except red.
Don't know why I am not using the red - but I'm not.

I have shown this to teacher (I know its a bit wobbly)n but she has passed my efforts with a "well - it is your first attempt" and I am going with that.

 A couple of months ago I purchased two paintings from this lady and we have been umming and ahhing  as to what frames to put these lovelies in. I am happy with the finished result but may invest in some non-reflective glass!

And just because someone likes me.....

Guarding Little Miss tomorrow and meeting the nephew ( the sailor not the traveller) in Bristol on Sunday so a busy couple of days for me.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Yep! I for one am looking forward to seeing all the 'Art work' and as for the mini mania can't wait. The blanket is looking wonderful, love the colours. Enjoy your time babysitting.

  2. I like the colours of your blanket. I am making the same one so we can compare colours!!

    Looking forward to the big 'Reveal' as well.