Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Still Battling on!

 Well I had got to this point on Day One of the Mini Medallion Sew Along.

 Centre piece completed and lots of little squares cut ready for Part Two

Life has just got in the way this week, but last night I sat down and began chain piecing all those lovely little squares
Not too much to go wrong

Trimming then down took AGES!

But very happy with the neatness of the trimmed HST's

That's where it all went wrong.

Joined lots together -  LOTS - (you know what's coming) 
With no bobbin thread!  
So after I had collected the confetti up again - filled the bobbin and finished with this

Which all needed pressing. It was late - very late. So off to bed I went still fuming at my stupidity!

I will get back to it later, but it has just taken me ages to update this blog and I am sitting here telling Mr T that I am working (which is what I should be doing!)

I now HAVE to do a bit of proper work, and blitz the house before Baby Sis arrives for a flying visit from France and J & R (the in-laws to be) arrive from "up north" for a pre wedding get together.

Got to finish before Friday as we are going away for a few days with 
this lovely lady and no sewing will be done, just because I can't leave her alone!

Trust me - I will get it done!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Parade

The weather was ---- unsettled when we went into church this morning, and after a very uplifting service, we came out to ------ rain.

So I decided to make my own bit of sunshine. I pulled some fabrics to start the Sew Along by Little Miss Shabby

I am liking this selection
 So measuring and cutting commenced.
308 if the 1 1/2" squares!
 Let the stitching begin

Some of these were produced

Put together
centre of the medallion
The rain still coming down - HARD.

A few more pieces sewn et voilà (for my French followers). My medallion up to date and ready for the next instructions.  The very dull day was getting gloomier so a quick pic and off to get some tea.
Needs a little pressing
Thought I would get a head start on the cutting for next time, so now have a pile of these

ready for friendship stars
AND --- I am really feeling the love for these fabrics, so may repeat the process , just for comparison of course.

so much more me
Hope that you have all had a Happy Easter, and as much chocolate a you wanted.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Put Up or Shut Up

Well, I have jumped in and started my own blog!

I have been blogging for a  group that I belong to. I have encouraged other members here  and here to start their own blog, and have introduced so many others to get with the blog scene. There is so much stuff going on out there!

Thank you for stopping by to see what I am up to.

The main reason for getting in, was a post on one of the blogs that I follow, Little Miss Shabby . I just love the Mini Medallion that is part of the Sew Along and I have decided to join in!

isn't it cute?
 It's a Mini.  It's 25".  I must be able to achieve it?

It's a Public Holiday here today, and I am lucky enough not to be working (rare occasion) so I am sorting fabrics and will be cutting and stitching before the end of the day.


Family visited -
will start a bit later