Monday, 28 December 2015

This Won't be a Long Post

 Despite the fact that its been almost a month since I last made it onto here!!

I have been making things - (18 dozen Mince Pies so far this season!) but lots were for gifts. And to be truthful, I can't really remember what has happened in the last month!!

Darling Daughter decided (not QUITE at last minute) that she was going to make a Christmas table runner and 8 place mats, so she visited my cupboard and found this Fat Quarter Bundle that I have been stroking for a couple of years.
  And no more ado but the ribbon was undone and favourite pieces removed!!
 She is such a brave girl!!!

I did play at making a few more of the beaded baubles. This is such a fun thing to try. Expect to see more of these during the year.
 I managed to take a snap of some stockings made for a friend to give her niece.

We have the instructions for our Mini Mania Challenge. December has been combined with January and this month we have to make a Mini Sampler with a minimum of Nine blocks.  Fabrics for that have been chosen but no sewing at the moment.  The group is open to all, so if you fancy a small project each month with NO PRESSURE! then pop over and see what is going on.

 So we say Hi and Bye to 2015 and looking forward to making things on my list for 2016. I don't make New Year Resolutions, if you're going to make a change - start today!! 
I have made myself a promise to be a bit more organised in 2016 so we will see how that goes!

 Happy New Year Everyone - See you on the other side!!

Friday, 4 December 2015

November Mini Mania Reveal

 This month's Challenge was to make 9 Churn Dash Blocks into a Mini measuring no more than 20".  Simple eh?

Well first there was the debate about what is a Churn Dash!!  After much a bit of discussion it was agreed (was there any doubt?) about what constituted a Churn Dash and off we went.

Mine measured 9" including the borders
 But then I made another measuring 19" and still included the ( blocks

 Jo started off really small too, but then wasn't happy with this one
 So she also made another! Blogged Here

 Angie made One block - a Wonky one, which took lots of working out, cutting and trimming - but what a lovely result
 Carole also went TINY with pieced centres  - Blogged here

 Becca used up some HST"s from another project to make this lovely two tone - blogged here

 Dee was up to her usual tricks and created a completely different Mini using up some spare Jen Kingwell blocks too - Blogged Here

always outside the box!
 And SewGentle also used up some spare HTS's and made this lovely gentle Aqua mini 

 All in all a great months contributions.
We are combining December and January as folk seem to be a bit busy at this time of year. Anyway - We are making a Mini Sampler Quilt with a minimum of nine different blocks with a maximum finished measurement of 20" .

At this point minds have started racing. We will have sneak peaks as we go with a reveal at the end of January.

Anyone can join in the fun, fancy joining us? Pop over here to see

On another note, I have made a rather pretty beaded bauble
and LOVED the process so plan to make a couple more. My Mini may have to take a back seat this week!

Monday, 30 November 2015

A Different Kind of Workshop

As things are starting (far too early if you ask me!) to get festive, but I do like to have a day making a Wreath to hang on the front door.

Anyway, a group of us met up and Glenys (bless her patience!) showed us step by step to make a "proper" Christmas Wreath.
Starting with a wire ring
wrapping with moss
now a nice sturdy ring ready for greenery to be added
all the green had to be wired
Yew from the churchyard

 I usually use a lot more Holly, but I whimped out this year - it seemed extra prickly!

The green was almost done but an essential stop for lunch before adding the last of the covering.
layering all around
 And then to add some "Tra La's". I decided to add a little ceramic Robin that was made by a friend

 Tried a few more pretties, but decided to leave it simple and just add a bow to Glitz it up and then a ribbon to hang it by

 I can now see that the hanging ribbon needs a bit of adjustment.

Its now on the door yet. It sits out in the back garden waiting until we get  into December.  This will hang on the door till 12th Night and then I hang it in the back garden and will probably last well into March, though the birds will make short change of the berries, but that's fine by me.

 A quick pic of all the other wreaths made on a very enjoyable day.
 It was lovely to spend the day with such good company and Darling Daughter came along too.
sometimes, less is more!

Tomorrow brings the big Reveal of our November Mini Mania Challenge and the instructions for our December one. This time we will combine December and January so no reveal at the end of December, but I have heard that it may be a bit more of a Challenge  ......we shall see!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

My Wanderlust Has Gone!

 Not my desire to travel. My Around the World Craft Swap/Wanderlust Crafters swap item has at last found a home!
My first swap partner dropped out the week we were supposed to ship, so I was asked to hold onto my piece to then send on to her partner, who had gone very quite on the Instagram front. The second partner had said that she was going to be late, but had promised to ship by 7th November. (this was a month late)  &th November came and went and after a further 10 days the Swap Momma said enough was enough!  So I was given a third partner, who had sent her package weeks ago!

The gift is now en-route, and should be there by the middle of the week. I do hope she is not disappointed after all this time!

 This was my first Swap and have to say, the experience was not what it could have been, though I did get that fabulous crochet bag

from Elaine in Liverpool and I am using it every day. It stores the wool and the blanket in progress perfectly!

Apparently the experience has not put me off completely, cos I've done it again!!   Another Swap for the New Year!

 I had also started knitting a scarf/shawl in this lovely lace weight yarn, it is so soft and fine it is lovely to work with. But I had done about 6 inches of the knitting and  ---  reality check ---- I will NEVER finish this! So I pulled it all down again and have started another Road Trip Shawl, which works up so quickly and are really useful items. 
its very fine!
 Mr T is a very happy chappie - his new golf clubs (made to measure) have arrived and cost much less than I had anticipated (don't tell him) and apparently - they work!!   He has set himself a challenge to reduce his handicap by 4 points by next summer.

 It looks like I may be seeing less of him from now on....... (more sewing time- Yay!)

We still have to decorate a bedroom after the plaster had to be removed from one complete wall - long story -  but then that is all the major jobs in the house caught up to date. Thank Goodness!
Love a newly plastered wall!
 Yesterday my daughter and SIL came down ( halfway house for a visit south today) and we attended the switching on of the Town Christmas Lights - Known locally as The Christmas Sparkle

 It is a town that we live in, but locals call it "the village" as it is a small town, but has so much history.

There was a French Market in the High Street, and Funfair and Ice Rink on the Market Square, Santa's Grotto in The Chichele College   (this building dates back to the early 1400's)
 And the place was HEAVING!!!!!
 As darkness fell Fireworks were set off and the pretty town lights were lit.
 I think it was a very successful event. I will walk up and get a photo of the Market Square when all the extras have been removed.

Today Mr T will be playing with his new toys, and hopefully doing a bit of painting and I have three Christmas stockings to make for a friend.
Appliqué prepped so sewing will commence.
 Must be finished by Thursday as I have a schedule of finishes to get back too!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Time is Flying By

 But I still feel in a bit of control!

We spent a reflective morning at our local War Memorial . I live in a small town, more a large village really,  but the turnout for Remembrance Sunday was wonderful

I always make a point to remember a friend of my father - Colin Duffy - who was shot down over Holland and has a grave at a cemetery near Eindhoven. Colin had no family so after my father died, who would be there to remember.

I have cracked on with this months Mini Mania Challenge

This months is a nine block Churn Dash. I had a few ideas, and I may have made more than one piece this month......
It is QUITE small...
Spent a bit of time sewing in the ends of some more green crochet blocks that I delivered to the  Craft Club ready for the 10ft Christmas Tree construction, AND watched the penultimate episode of Unforgotten on TV

Great show - I think I know who might have done it!

Had a lovely walk with Sister2 around Sywell Country Park.
spied a field full of Canada Geese grazing but couldn't get a better shot!
The weather was glorious.

We then headed off for an overnight stay with our lovely daughter to help celebrate her birthday (she was born on a Friday 13th - so that blows the bad luck out as far as we are concerned )  Made her favourite cake from the Roald Dahl Revolting recipes book. Yummy !!

Mr T was being measured up for a new set of golf clubs (as you do) so a visit to Gainsborough  where this pic of the Old Hall was taken though we were not able to visit this time 

And then there was ....