Thursday, 8 December 2016

Lots Still To Do!!

 Why is it we are NEVER prepared for the Christmas period?
It's not as if the date changes each year 😕

 Anyway, I have finished three of the many baubles that I would like to make

 And some Lemon and Lime curds that will be gifts

 Blocking a shawl that will also be a gift
 And frogged another because I didn't like how it was working up. I'm now trying another pattern - but still not so sure 😟

At the weekend I offered to 'run up' another of the felt wreaths. This has to be finished by tomorrow, as it will be passed on to be taken out to Dubai for Christmas.
won't start panicking till tonight!
 Spent a lovely weekend with the southerners and Sunday morning saw us making footprints in the sand and blowing cobwebs away before brunch on a windy but beautiful day.
 Before Sister 3 went off to the US for the winter, she gave instructions that Sister 2 and myself were to open the parcels left on December 1st, and together. So we did.

I have NEVER had an advent calendar before!  It is so exciting ! ( I do lead a quiet life)

 Guess what was in the first door ....... 😂