Monday, 16 June 2014

Still Not Much Sewing.......

But a very productive week one way and another.

I did make a string of Alphabet Bunting on Thursday evening - it was a new stock item and a sample was needed in the shop.

I quite like it strung onto Ric-Rac. It will look nice in a child's nursery.

A wedding dress fitting for Miss S left me feeling quite emotional. A tweek or so to go and she will be happy, and ready for the Big Occasion!

I did make cakes as requested by my VERY good friend. These were for a local event - Higham Secret Gardens - 14 local gardens are opened up for viewing, to raise funds for projects to improve the town.

Sunday saw us making - h.u.n.d.r.e.d.s. of cups of tea and coffee  and serving copious amounts of cake to those visitors making their way around the list of gardens

tea and cake served in a delightful setting

time for a catch up between the washing up!

emptying punters pockets
choosing scrummy cakes
 It was nice to take time to join in this community project.

And then spending the time at  group today to complete this little dress for - well you know who
Not quite there yet - but will finish this off tomorrow. Just the hem and buttonholes to go.

A friend has been making crochet Mandalas for Yarndale 2014 and Mr T and I will be visiting Skipton to go to this event. I hope that I will spot ours.  Well, I will go to the exhibition and I expect Mr T will play golf, but that will make us both happy. We are both looking forward to visiting this beautiful part of our country and spending time visiting friends.

  Have you seen the Mandalas that have been made so far? Look here to feast  your eyes. And if you want to know how they will be used, visit Lucy at Attic 24 who is co-ordinating the collection.

I have a short list of things that I am promising myself to complete or learn this year.  I may share them with you, but then I will have to come up with the goods!  So I will save said list till I am confident that I will have a fighting chance........

Twelve days till Baby Sister comes to visit - can't wait for a cuddle and a catch up - miss her loads 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

On Countdown

Less than a month to go till S & L are to be married. Bookings have been confirmed and details finalised, final dress fitting this week , my outfit sorted -  so it should all go very smoothly.... Yes?....

I was in a bit of a panic last week, but that has gone now, and we are just looking forward to the day.

It has been a bit of a roller coaster this week. We sadly said goodbye to a dear lady and this leaves a dark mood that is hard to shake. But lighter events take over,  leaving fond memories  of one who will be missed.

Not much going on in the way of sewing though.

I did quickly knit a little bolero for Miss O in case the weather was inclement for her Christening on Saturday. I burnt the midnight oil to get it finished (I am not a quick knitter) and I am glad I did.
It was not needed.
The rain bucketed down on our two hour trip to Leigh On Sea where Miss O lives, and generally my heart sinks when we hit the M25 - I hate that road. But this week, it was a joy, because as we approached the blue sky filled the horizon .

The event was mid afternoon, and we spent the time after the ceremony,  in the garden eating and drinking something fizzy and passing that poor baby around like she was the latest toy that everyone wanted to "have a go with".  She obliged with lots of smiles and giggles and a long snooze in someone's arms when she got bored.
the long gown was abandoned in the warmth
 Some family members were not able to attend and it will be good to catch up with them soon.

It was a good chance for Miss S to practice her cake making skills - she is making her own wedding cake next month, and this is causing me one or two concerns. Not because she can't bake. She is a very good cook, but there will not be much room for a re run if something goes wrong. The fruit cake is already cooked. Just a couple of sponge layers to go.
must have been good - it was gone in a flash
We attended another Christening on Sunday and again, the weather was kind and we sat in the garden when we got back and I began the smocking of this.

not my garden

My lovely friend made them (bonus!) and passed to me to practice my smocking on.

Another lovely friend had the exciting news that her new Grandchild had made an appearance - after many girl babies she now has another boy to dote on. He lives way up in Scotland, so she will be making the trip (today I believe) to get her quota of cuddles, with the boy and his three sisters in.

 So an eventful but good week all in all.

I hope to finish the rompers and another a couple of items this week, but there is paperwork to get to the accountant due, and I must not put that off.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Oh My Gosh!!

I am so tired, I have been running around like the proverbial and  I have achieved nothing this week!

Well not quite nothing. Several dozen yards of bunting for a Christening on Saturday, and some more for another Christening on Sunday.
 And I have started making something for a certain little lady - but not far enough to show what it is.
I hope to get this finished this week, and then the sewing will take a back seat for a short while.

 Those Aliums are just great but the wet weather has made them a bit floppy!

The rambling rose on the pergola is beautiful - I hope that it lasts a little while - well at least until he festivities begin in a few weeks
And I suppose that I should be pleased that the sparrows are ripping all of the moss out of my hanging basket to make their homes so much more comfy!!   

Its 32 days to go till S & L are married and I am sure it will get more frantic, but now I am going to put the kettle on and pretend its all under control!!