Monday, 13 April 2015

It's All Been A Blur!

 With no sewing done at all since my last post.

Met DIL on Thursday - midway between our two homes. Had a rather splendid lunch at a pub before bringing Little Miss O home with me for a couple of days.
She is a pleasure to be with, but I didn't realise how out of condition I am (that's a lie - I do know really!)
The weather was beautiful and she spent all afternoon pond dipping with Grandad
 She was happy just dabbling her hands in the water, dropping pebbles out of the pot into the water and catching water on a leaf to drip onto the brickwork.
As you can see, those coping stones have been there a number of years hand have gathered a variety if lichen, which apparently when wet attach to your sleeves !!
can you see the colour of her elbows
Wet up to the armpits and f.i.l.t.h.y but completely happy.
We will not have to feed the fish for several weeks.......

After returning (now cleaned up) child to her parents I did manage to get a bit of gardening done. Darling Daughter arrived on Sunday and helped cleared out the greenhouse. (We are summer gardeners and batten down the hatches in November till Spring comes rolling around.

It's so exciting when you see little shoots rearing their heads

sure sign things are warming up
 And the Fuchsia that I thought I had killed proves me wrong
 In another smaller pond ( an old Belfast sink that we were going to be all trendy and make a herb garden out of in the early 80's that was taken over by several amphibians the day we sealed the plughole)

Well, they're at it again. There is masses of the stuff and every time I walk past the water positively boils with movement

So I am hoping that my collection of Hosta's will remain unscathed again this summer

Back to the sewing theme - isn't this picture just the best?

If that doesn't inspire I don't know what will

I have been sorting out the fabrics that will become my new summer bed quilt.  Fabric choices done but still got to toss that coin to decide on the design.....

A busy couple of days later this week . On Friday I am attending a class - 1950’s Flowers with Gillian Travis  - at my LQS. Completely out of my comfort zone and the first class I will have attended for years.  And to complete the weekend I am off to Lamport Gardening Academy  with a friend on Saturday. We are doing a course on Wildlife Gardening. I know now that we will have such a laugh - I wonder if they know what they are in for!


  1. Looks like little Miss O was enjoying herself and you can't do that unless you get dirty!!

  2. I love to see the little ones just playing and learning from life. The gardens have changed so much over the last month, gone is the drabness of winter, Spring has sprung and roll on Summer. I think I recognise some of those mini quilts..... looking forward to seeing your new project.