Saturday, 18 April 2015

Learning a new skill

 when I attended a course  (1950's Flowers ) at my LQS  and run by Gillian Travis .
The designs were inspired by some 1950's textile artists (Lucienne Day & another one that I cant for the life of me remember the name!!).

 Gillian is a very productive Textile artist and had lots of her designs for us to choose from. She uses a layering method for her appliqué and we started off by making a simple pieced background which we block printed with acrylic paints
I used two block designs and two different colours

 Then we traced the design onto Heat & Bond lite
 As you can imagine, this was quite taxing, so some of this was consumed - just to keep the energy levels up of course
Cranberry & Orange  sponge - scrummy!
 We did seem to be in a bit of a mess on our tables!
 And this is what my finished piece should resemble
We will see....
 I didn't get it finished but am not far off so I will wait for my Ta Dah! moment hopefully later this weekend

Here are some pictures of Gillian's work

Love the colours

 And these are works in progress of some of the ladies

 This morning started with a bit of this

 When a friend and I tripped off to Lamport Hall  -  to learn a bit of
Wildlife Gardening.  I can't show you (yet) how we got on, but we have laughed all morning and that's a great way to start the weekend! 

If you haven't visited this part of Northamptonshire - you must - it is so beautiful - rolling hills and sandstone cottages. Just lovely.

There are events (Art, Craft & Design Fair 3rd & 4th May - Festival of Country Life 24th & 25th May  Weekends) at Lamport Hall so I might just bee returning shortly.

Lamport Gardens

worth a visit on a nice day
 Looks like the weather is going to be good this weekend so Enjoy!!


  1. Lamport Hall looked fun and I can't wait to see your flowers WIP.

  2. Looks like you have had a very busy weekend. Some lovely pieces of work there and the cake looked delicious!!

  3. Oh my, I love that crooked/ wonky bug house.... is that one the sample? Glad you enjoyed being creative with your fabric and paints. Look forward to seeing all the finishes.

  4. It looks like you're really getting into this retirement lark! Good for you.