Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Great Easter Weekend!

Full of all the good things in life.

Socialising with the family

Little Miss on the Easter Egg Hunt

Daddy and Auntie S checking that neither gets more than the other - things never change!
Good food ( too many puddings and maybe a bit of chocolate...)

All gone now - In my defence - there were eight of us!
Gardening in the sunshine
We have lots of Daffs in he garden but these have just appeared in a bed! I don't know where they came from!
One of my lovely Hellebores
 I spent most of Monday sewing seeds in the greenhouse, and planting potatoes in the garden. The sun shone all day and it was glorious (if a tad warm in the greenhouse!)

 And between all this I managed to spend some time with my lovely sewing machine
Adding the binding to the charity quilt
 I don't use blue very often - this quilt was made from Layer Cake. I pieced the back and the binding ( which took probably as long as actually making the quilt).

Oh No!!  Have to find another scrap!!
I officially have no blue left!
It's a really quick design to run up and using a Layer Cake there are absolutely no scraps left.

 Hopefully the MS Centre will raise some funds with this.

I also finished April's Mini Mania - but I can't show you yet. The reveal takes place at the end of the month.  We used this design and I love my finished project.  The finished item is 16" square - so twice a big as last months.
pressing the seams

before the unpicking! - sewn them all on the wrong way!
sneaky peak
 The crochet blanket has had more rows added. Still not sure about that Coral colour, but it is staying so I will have to use it again soon.

A friend is going to look at a new sewing machine today, and I have invited myself to "help" her choose.  Look out Andy - trouble is on its way!  And I have to make the house safe for a little visitor for a few days. She is now walking so I must be on my guard!

 If you are a Downton fan, pop over and watch  this video a bit of fun by  ( and I so think he is) in a very good cause.


  1. Saw the video and loved it. You have been busy over the weekend; you put me to shame!!

  2. Busy you ..... how ever did you find time to work. Garden looks good.. Hope you are making a album of photo's of that pretty little girl as she will grow up far to quickly. .

  3. You have been a busy bee, and those puds look so yummy. I loved it when I tagged along with someone buying a new sewing machine.....didn't know I could get so excited for someone else. That babe is growing so quickly, make the most of her.