Monday, 29 February 2016

I'm On A Roll!

After over a month of feeling a bit 'Blurgh" as regards to sewing. I have now finished three sewing projects and one huge crochet project this past week or so.

Today we are revealing our #12 Mini Mania Challenge - This month was Pineapple Log Cabin.  We popped over to Little Mushroom Cap for a template that would finish 3" .  I printed my foundation papers onto tracing paper, I find that it is so easy to use, especially on these tiny pieces and it tears out easily too - no fear of ripping your stitches! A pad of 40 sheets is only £3.99 from my local stationers .

I made a test block with fabric from my scrap bin
 Which I actually quite liked, so I used every last scrap of that yellow dotty and managed to get 5 blocks out of it
 So I rummaged in the scraps for some other fabric that would go with it and got 9 blocks made in quite a short time

 Then out came the papers!
 So I was just going to add a tiny border - and then ----- I had an idea!

 I thought that the blocks actually resembled a Pineapple ( because all pineapples have turquoise bits don't they?)  so I added a top!
 This was a fun challenge and I can't wait to see what the other ladies have done with theirs.

 We had a trip down to see Little Miss last week and after a rather horrid journey home (2 hour journey took 3½  hours!) I picked this up from the door mat!
I won this in a give-away over on Instagram. It came from the
 Fat Quarter Shop in America in less than a week!
took it to bed with a cuppa!
 I have (at last) finished Darling Daughter's crochet blanket. It is much bigger than I had planned (60" square)  But when you have done your foundation chain and the first two rows of 220 stitches, you aren't going to unpick it are you - just soldier on!

 She is pleased with it, so that's a win.  I worked out (WHY?) that this blanket took over 155,000 swishes of my hook!

 You know when you are on the last leg of moving all of your stuff from one room to another?  Well, it has taken a while, because the old room was not waiting for anything. But I opened a little box and found all these pieces cut out.
Oh My Goodness!  This was a duplicate (but in a different colour-way) to the first mini quilt that I made nearly 2 years ago!
April 2014

So a quick recap on the tutorial and I set to sewing them all together.

 Two afternoons and it was done.

The third sewing finish - I have added the finishing touches to my
Higham Piecemakers Christmas Challenge clock. The reveal will be at group in a couple of weeks so that will be kept under wraps until then.

 After finishing the crochet blanket, I thought I would tidy up all the scraps of yarn that were sitting in my basket, I used a simple free  Beanie Hat pattern and made these bright babies. They will be added to the Shoe Box appeal boxes

 I have had this skein of yarn ...... for a while and have been looking for the right shawl/scarf pattern to use it.

I have fallen in love with this one.

photo from Softsweater

But I would need two skeins so that will have to wait until I go to Yarndale in September

So this yarn will be made up into this pattern 
© Tiina Rammo
I have cast on and done a few rows but I will show this next time. The yarn is so soft, 50% silk and 50% baby camel. It's lovely

 Darling Daughter has had a little trip to Iceland, and brought me these two balls of Icelandic yarn. 
 So I need to find the right pattern for that.

And then Yesterday this little cutie made a surprise visit ! So all of my lovely family were at home together for lunch ( because you can always stretch a roastie to three extra mouths can't you?)  A few hours and the house looked like a bomb but who cares? 
such a cheeky grin

Monday, 15 February 2016

In Love Again.....

With my sewing machine that is!
January is always an unproductive month for me. I don't know why, but each year starts off with lots to do and no enthusiasm to do it. But after chopping up all that stash and making the shorts, I pulled myself together and got on with things that need to be done.

This little chappie has become my new best friend . Have you used an "Add A Quarter" ruler? It certainly makes Foundation Piecing easier, and the "Add and Eighth" is even better if you are working on a miniature.
This month's Mini Mania Challenge is Pineapple Log Cabin. we are using the template from Little Mushroom Cap and the blocks finish at 3"
I have been printing these patterns onto tracing paper (just a pad from the local stationers) which goes through my printer without too much messing and I find much easier to work with when the pieces are soooo tiny!

The stitching perforates the papers, so then they are quite easy to rip out.

I also had another Foundation Pieced project on the back burner, so got that all printed and stitched while I was on a roll

The Add an Eighth does not work however, if you forget to fold your just added piece back before you cut!!
not the only time I did this!
 But by Sunday tea time all the sewing had been done and papers torn
 So two projects ready for finishing this week

And I made one of these!  Magic Custard Cake - it really is magic how you pour a very runny mixture into the pan and out comes a three layer cake?!?!?

 And - I have just one more round on my crochet blanket and that is another finish!!!

my lovely bag (gifted in a swap ) ready for Crochet Club last Friday
 And- We had a Project Linus Day at my local group today and I managed to get 4 quilts completed from start to finish!!
Not particularly challenging, but they are pretty!
So all in all - a good week I think.

Have you seen this quilt?  I have been downloading the patterns and have sorted fabric, so I may have given myself something else to keep me busy!

Off to get that blanket finished so I can start on this pattern. I have had a look, and can't seem to get it started properly so need a clear run I think!

 Oh - you remember the paint colour choices?

Well, we ( and when I say "we" I do mean Mr T!) have painted twice, and are off to get a third colour later in the week!

I'm not usually this fussy!!

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Productive Ponderings *** EDITED***

*** Edited**** to add this photo of Ann's lovely February Mini which she has made into a cushion.   

another lovely sample

I have had quite a productive week, I did (eventually) get the elastic threaded through all of the 46 pairs of shorts for the Dress A Child Charity. They are now all ready to be handed over. I think it may have taken as long to thread them as did actually make them!!!

I didn't get the cardigan finished for Little Miss before we went to visit - I did try but it takes longer to finish off than you think doesn't it?

Anyway, that's done now, posted off and received, and it fits - Yay! 
Love a bit of white knitting!
 I have cast on a pair of socks in some bright yarn and on this tiny circular needle
 That is coming on nicely, and is knitting up quite different to what I had expected.
 Many years ago, my mother knitted socks for...... everyone. She was always knitting or sewing and when my two were little, I would say that I had bought a (whatever colour) pair of trousers or dress on a Thursday and by Saturday, they had a matching cardigan or jumper! She was quick.

After she passed, I had put all of her stash of yarn in my loft because I just didn't know what to do with it.  A couple of years ago, a good friend had started to make socks for a camping trip and I gifted her a rather large bag of lovely sock yarn, because I was NEVER going to make a pair of socks - I just didn't have the time !
Anyway, said friend used all of the bag including all the leftover bits. Which is good. But now I have more time I have started doing a bit more knitting and am learning to crochet too, so I am now purchasing some of the same yarns that I gave away!  "C'est La Vie "

 This is my first pair of socks, and we will see how they go.

On Sunday we had our Mini Mania reveal
We had 10 entries this month
mine 8 1/2" sqaure
Dee's (blogged here)
Becca's (blogged here)
Laney's  (blogged here)
Jo's (blogged here)
Carol's (blogged here)
The brief was to make a minimum of 9 blocks and make a Sampler Quilt.

All so different

Didn't we do well?!!! 

February's Mini is Pineapple Log Cabin and we are using this tutorial  from Little Mushroom Cap.  All printed out ready - and you can join us too

all printed out onto tracing paper
We can make as many blocks as we wish, and the Mini Quilt must measure no more than 24" .   The blocks are printed at 3" finished but we can increase that to 4" if we wish
 One of our members has worked out how many pieces per block.

 I may be re-thinking the number that I make..........

 AND..... We have cleared out the garage - Hubby had a fit,  but did as I asked and now there is empty floorspace and tools put where they should be.

HeHeHe!  He won't be asking me for assistance again in a hurry!!

AND ---- Just how hard is it to decide on a paint colour for our hallway!!!

 We have picked one and I do like it, but not sure about the look of the room. 1960's hospital comes to mind..........

Might just go back to "beige"