Saturday, 2 May 2015


I mean -SERIOUSLY!!  6 hours - SIX HOURS -

Just to sew two blocks. I know that there are quite a few pieces. The first of the two took just over 4 hours. That includes far too much a bit of unpicking. For some reason (probably because I should have been sorting out the chaos in the rest of the house) I just couldn't get the layout of the first block.

So now there are three blocks made up and 22 to go. So that means another 66 hours of piecing before I get to add the sashing. 

And people wonder why you aren't keen when they ask  "make me a quilt" (it's always a king size).

Just work out the labour charges ( I know sewing isn't a labour - I love my sewing machine). No one would pay what your time is worth. And that's not counting the cost of the fabrics, or the quilting time too.

I have recently taken a leaf out of a very good friends book and can say "No" without feeling guilty or making excuses. Don't get me wrong - I am happy to make for others, but now I choose what and when.

Unless it's for family and I haven't got quite that brave yet! 

We have another Bank Holiday Weekend here in the UK and all of my lovelies are arriving to spend the extended weekend with us.

Have a great weekend wherever you are.


  1. LoVe your blocks and I am sure they will get quicker the more you make. Enjoy your family and have a great weekend x

  2. My Twisted Log Cabin is taking that long!! Enjoy the family.