Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Still Looking for my Mo-Jo!

I don't know what it is about this time of year, but I always struggle to set my mind to the many tasks and  projects that are waiting patiently for my attention.

I am free of the bug that had me in its grip for almost three weeks, so I can't use that as an excuse.

Before Christmas I began the move of all my 'stuff' out of the bedroom that I had been using for sewing, computing etc.
It is only a small room, but my goodness, I had packed so much in there. 
I was moving out so that when Little Miss comes to stay, she has her own space.
We do have four bedrooms, and only use one most of the time, but if Little Miss comes with mummy and daddy, then often her Auntie S & Uncle L come over too.

Mr T has been busy setting me up a workspace in our little conservatory. I often used the space for sewing anyway, it is so light and I love to sit there looking out onto the garden.

just the machine to set into the worktop
I MUST set myself onto something. I dithered and dathered and got out some of my larger scrap pieces and started cutting.

Then I got out my very nice over-locker (serger). This was a little treat to myself after an unknown long distance relative of my late father, left him an inheritance, that passed on to me and my three sisters. We are still trying to work out what actual relationship it was, but we have gratefully called her Auntie Joan.
 It was only a small amount. But it was something unexpected. I had been looking at these machines for ages, trying to justify the outlay, but after Auntie Joan's gift, I trotted off to see Jill & Andy at Sew Northampton and after umming and ahhing for ages (Andy is SO patient!) I purchased this Elna.

 It didn't take me long to mess up the view!
It is really easy to use, and I can thread and unthread without looking at the instruction book!

 Half an hour later resulted in four pairs of shorts that will be passed to my friend Ellen, who will in turn pass them to the Dress a Child Charity. I used four fabrics, but used a different fabric on each panel so they do look quite funky!
just the elastic to thread through
 Not sure the Mo-Jo is back but I have made a start

And here is a photo of the lovely Orchid that came to live with me at Christmas

And some Hyacinths that were a gift and have got so tall I have had to steak and tie them up. The scent is quite strong and they seem to like living in our downstairs cloakroom, which is quite cool compared with the rest of the house.

 And just because I am not being very productive, doesn't mean that I am doing nothing at all.  This baby Aran cardigan is keeping me out of mischief. Should be ready for the Spring!
I promise that I WILL make a start on the bag that I wanted to make before our holiday!


  1. It wont take long for the mojo to return, then lets have a look at that table!!! x

    1. Haven't seen my Mo-Jo since before we went on holiday. Maybe I left it there?

  2. I've looked and I cant find it! sorry x

  3. It is not Mo-jo with me it is distraction. Start something and then think about something else and off I go!! Can't keep on one thing for long. Too many things going on in my mind!!

  4. Shorts look great Lesley Thank you Getting a nice little pile ready to go .Bless you.

  5. At least you have photographic proof that you can have a tidy sewing space.......(sometimes!). Beautiful orchid and good to see the cardi coming along

  6. I like the look of your sewing area, and you will love to work in there looking at the garden. Don't worry about your Mo Jo you will find it when your not looking for it x x