Tuesday, 20 January 2015

I Love My Elna!

 I have been using my new Elna over-locker (serger) to make some of the shorts for the Dress  a Child charity.

I purchased it last year, used it a few times, one of which was to shorten some bridesmaid dresses. Then it was put away, and I just hadn't got around to actually getting to know it.

It's an Elna 664 Pro purchased from Andy at Sew Northampton

It is really easy to use and I can thread it without looking at the instruction manual. If you want to change the type of stitch, you just turn the dial, and the screen on the front tells you what each setting should be!  The threading is colour coded so you just start at the right and follow the coloured dots!  How easy is that?

 It's not a top of the range machine, I couldn't justify just spending for the sake of it, but it is a lovely smooth and quiet machine that does just what I need it too. If you are thinking of buying one, put this one on your list to try out. I am sure you too will be impressed.

Thank You Auntie Joan!

However ...... being all excited at using the machine, I may have got a bit carried away making these shorts.......
It took me three hours to thread the elastic through the waistbands!!

elastic lengths all cut and ready
piles of shorts
I will tot up how many and let you know

I have also been sewing a simple table runner for my girlie.

This is made from the scraps left over from the shorts  which were made from larger scraps - no waste in this house!

 I will be finishing this later this afternoon, and trying hard NOT to look down the garden...

Mr T has being going on far ages about removing this Holly tree. It started as a twig from a table decoration, pushed into the ground nearly 35 years ago. We have kept it trimmed into a lollipop shape for years but it has got away from us a bit this year. The fence panels need replacing and this is NOT a friendly tree!  The leaves are really hard and VERY pointy, you can't use it for flower arranging, there is always too much blood.

sadly no berries this year
 I want to grow more vegetables this year and the piece of ground would be ideal for a small plot. So I have agreed. (sad face)

It is quiet in the house so I am expecting to hear a shout of TIMBER! shortly...

I will stay away from the windows and carry on with my knitting and listening to a Jack Reacher novel and hoping that there will be no injuries.

 The knitting is coming on nicely (it's not very big!) and the yarn is a delight to use - so soft and smooth to work with.

its a sign of Spring when you get Tulips in the shops!
 Two bunches brought for me at the weekend xx


  1. Yep! those overlockers can give a lot of pleasure and stitch so fast, but cant say you are slow when it comes to your flat machine.....that scrap table runner looks really good. This is certainly the time of year for knitting....and of course the wearing of said knitting.

  2. Well it looks like mojo is back! I love the colours in the table runner and a "new machine" looks like fun!

  3. I think holly is a good wood for all sorts of purposes so Mr T can turn his hand to woodwork while you sew (and knit)!!!