Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Energetic Weekend!!

 Well, and energetic Sunday anyway.

Saturday saw me finish off some of the little charity shorts, which have now been delivered to Ellen to pass along to the Dress A Child charity. I have used lots of large scrap pieces and yards of elastic, but I know that someone will be happy to wear them, even if they are a bit colourful!!

Counted up 26 pairs!

So then I began the Amy Butler Weekender Bag  I know that I have been going on about starting this for .... ages, but life has just got in the way, and when I realised that there was no way it was going to be done before my holiday, it was put back in the drawer, to wait even longer
I had read quite a few reviews on this pattern - some good - some not quite so - it seems that as you use several layers of different waddings, this can be a tricky little beggar to get through the sewing machine. Then I read this Blog by Elizabeth Hartman so I invested in some cotton "duck" fabric, which basically is a heavy canvas, and am using this method to construct my bag.

It's quite a nice way to use up more of the scrap box too!
It's quilted as you go, so the panels are quite sturdy.

choosing pieces

added a larger piece that would be hidden behind the pocket

one panel and pocket
I still have more panels to go, and the scrap box still seems as full but I am trying!!

Sunday saw us over at Wendover visiting Miss Mrs W for lunch. Her brother  was there too with the little darling, and whilst lunch was bubbling away we headed of into Wendover Woods.
to soggy underfoot for a pram!
For those of you who don't know the area, Wendover Woods cover a VERY large hill!

that white speck near the pin is the girls house

and we started off WAY down there
The sun was bright when we left, even if it was cold, but they clouds soon came over bringing the temperature down, which didn't bother us, as we had worked up quite a sweat!

The walk certainly worked up healthy appetites, and lunch was delicious.  Plates were scrapped clean.

This is what happened as soon as Little Miss was put in the car!
Grandpa too!
and he was driving!

A not very nice visit to the dentist this morning, but when I got home, these two beauties had moved in. Thank you for the speedy delivery
I just love Hares
I did hint that these would make a lovely birthday present, but that's ages away, and I don't think they can wait to go on my wall, just got to find the perfect frames. A job for later in the week.


  1. Loving the bag, Lesley and what a lucky girl to get the Hares! Tried to see the house but just managed to see the pin!!

  2. Love the hares. I can't wait to see the bag finished. It is lovely walking in woods at this time of the year as there are not usually many people about, so it is peaceful.

  3. thank you for shorts greatly appreciated they have with others left my house today so will some be on their way to very lucky little boys.and I am sure will make them very happy.would like to see their faces