Thursday, 1 January 2015

It's Been A Long Time...

since my last post, but I can assure you that I have not been slacking!

Not a jot of sewing done, though I finally managed to finish a rather nice little cardi for Miss O.

Things have been really busy at work and having some work done on the house, and I have now sold my little business, which should free up some time for me to do the things that I want to do, though many of you lucky retirees have told me that someone steals the free time that I think I have gained!  We shall see.

Christmas was spent ( several of us having this awful flu type bug that lasted for DAYS!!! ) with all my lovely family arriving on Christmas Eve. Sister 2 and family on Christmas Day and Sister 3 and hubby on Boxing Day. No turkey left in my kitchen!!

Santa HAS been Generous!
Little Miss is now fully mobile ... and despite having the most awful cold, was happy entertaining our guests with her antics. She also had fun helping Grandpa do the chores
not like that Grandad!
She spent ages filling and emptying the cutlery tray! Such a happy little girl.

Father Christmas was kind to me too. My very special friend A made me this beautiful quilt. I saw it in the making, not for one minute thinking that I would receive such a beautiful gift.

"A" has been attending a workshop with Jan Shepherd at her LQS. The piecing is perfect and the quilting finishes it off beautifully.
I am a lucky girl.
I am looking forward to actually getting on with some of the projects that have been sitting waiting for my attention .

I am not one for New Year Resolutions, but I do intend to keep this little blog more up to date. Please come back and see me soon.

Happy New Year!!


  1. Little Miss O is so sweet and I bet was spoilt rotten over Christmas. Love the quilt - lucky you. Happy New Year and see you soon.

  2. Well, welcome back. It has been a long time ! Enjoy your "free time" you deserve it but looking at that little one there won't be too much of it !!!

  3. Children certainly make Christmas extra special. What a wonderful gift from 'A' you were spoilt but very deserving. Look froward tosseing more of you in the new year x x