Friday, 23 January 2015

Going, Going....... Gone!

 The Beasty Holly tree that once looked like this...

 Had a jolly good trim and looked like this.....

 And before I could change my mind...

there it was----- GONE!

see the bendy fence?

 Many trips to the tip to dispose of the foliage and two neighbours asking for the wood for their wood burning stoves  - oh the dilemma! Mr T now has to cut it all down and take it to the boy's for HIS stove.

And just to keep me from crying about said tree ( I really get attached to stuff!!)  We made a visit down south to see this little munchkin

 who helped me to eat the pudding that I really didn't need!

but it was scrummy
 And then off to Heathrow, to meet with the nephew ( the sailor ) who was dropping off some bags for safe keeping until he joins his next ship. He flew in from South America, dropped his bags and then flew out to North America for a holiday with his parents! It's a good job he can sleep on a plane!
He is SUCH a well travelled man, but somehow the envy didn't get me. We have been talking about a little trip, but neither of us can muster up the enthusiasm to tackle the airport - maybe next month.....

 Oh, and I have just the binding to sew down on the table runner, and have sorted out the fabrics for a bag making session this weekend. Maybe the MoJo is creeping back in


  1. Still quite a lot of work to change a holly tree into a veg patch!!

  2. I am waiting for a Star Trek transporter to be invented, cos that must be the get way to travel..... Still, holidays are always worth the travel time x

  3. It makes you you ever had time to work, doesn't it!!? Lol x