Friday, 30 January 2015

A Quick Pit Stop

to say that the bag is coming on nicely. All panels are finished and I am halfway through making yards of piping to add to it.

But I sidelined that for today, as I wanted to get this finished because its someone's birthday next week.
 A nice bit of Harris Tweed and some cotton duck fabric, et voilĂ  , a gardening apron that should have been a Christmas gift, but (excuses excuses ) I ran out of time.
a roomy pocket for her nice new secateurs
Well, she wouldn't have done much gardening in this weather, would she?

Might just have enough of the tweed to make one for myself too.

It's turned blummin cold here and we have had a sprinkling of snow, with more of the white stuff forecast. A quick trip out in the morning and then I am hunkering down for the rest of the weekend .
My lovely Dad would have been 90 tomorrow. 21 years on and I still miss him every day . xx


  1. What a lovely apron - very useful. I miss my Mum so much and she died 55 years ago, so I can sympathise.

  2. Love the apron but it's too smart for the garden.