Saturday, 4 July 2015

It's Been a Warm Week

 We have been visiting with Sister 3 at her home in France. You think its is hot here?  Well 103 / 39.4 deg was registered at one point! And it has got hotter since we left too.
But it was lovely - its a very rural and peaceful area and although we were a bit early in the season, we did see many fields of these beauties

 Mr T gave a hand to keep the place looking tidy
that blue sky!
And I spent some time gathering produce from the garden

 Which resulted in several pots of glossy jam, and was enjoyed in a very nice breakfast

 The French family are lucky enough to be able to use a neighbours pool. We all spent time repairing the fence, tidying the surround and cleaning the pool. And that was where I spent most of the week.
I did swim, but I read a book and even stitched some, whilst sitting in that lovely blue water!

the Pyrenees in the distance

 A view from the pool

 A visit to a favourite restaurant in a hilltop town called  Bassoues for another delicious meal and at very reasonable prices

 Four scrummy and filling courses for 12 Euro! (£8.60) is so worth the journey.

 This is also the town that has a delightful Artisan Pottery. We called in there before dinner and a couple of purchases were made
An Oil carrier and Butter Dish!
Butter Cooler? Yeah - I was not sure about it either. You pack the butter in the lid, add water to the pot and this keeps the butter soft but not melty like this warm spell would produce.  Hubby thought that it was a great idea and so we have given it a go. And it Works. Nice soft butter spreadable but not too soft and no need to store it in the fridge. Result!

We also had a trip to the local Farmers Market , and I bought a string of the biggest Garlic cloves from a very old lady who jabbered away in the local dialect, but I caught the drift, being that if it is hung in a cool place it will last for 12 months.  I have split the string of about 15 cloves between the family. 
It's a Whoppa!

I have had a "Jar" session since we have returned

So will be making Mr T a cake now and spreading some deliciousness.

 The end of June was the Show and Tell of our Mini Mania Group project. This is my June offering. I will post the other members pictures when I get the hand of this Flickr thing Or click the LINK to see them for yourself

Measures 6" x 8"

 July's Mini has been started - it's a bit of EPP, the design from SewScatterbrained so I will be sitting in the sunshine enjoying the glorious weather


  1. I am so envious of you being in France and all that lovely chacuterie - yum Jam etc looks good too.

  2. Hour trip to France looks fantastic, the food the pool the views all wonderful, but that butter dish is the more messy dishes for you. Love your Mini Msnia and now onto the next one Yeah!