Tuesday, 30 June 2015

July Mini Mania

For those of you who are going to join us in this months Mini Mania project

July is time for sitting in the garden, sipping a drop of your favourite tipple, and maybe doing a bit of hand sewing so.....

Pop over to Sew Scatterbrained  and download the templates to EPP this lovely Ferris Wheel Mini

Pic from www.sewscatterbrained.com

Again - the colour choice is yours. If you print at 100% the finished Mini will be 10.5" x 11.5" finished.

You can post progress pictures here but don't post a Ta Dah! until the end of July.

Happy Stitching

Mini Mania


  1. Ack! Soooooo many ideas!:)

  2. I love this one, and it will give me something to do when my holiday finishes. Thanks X x

  3. This is also a great one, thanks for finding it! Let's see what we will make! Just printed the pattern!

  4. Love it. I would love to join your MM but too busy at the moment. Don't forget to watch Wimbledon while you are stitching!!!!

  5. Oh well, better start cutting up!!

  6. So cute! Wish I hadn't waited so long to come and see what your EPP project is you mentioned on Instagram. I might have to join in, though I'm totally unfamiliar with Flickr...