Thursday, 30 July 2015

Playing Catch Up

Even though I did get a bit of a head start on this months Mini Mania project. I seem to have got distracted with other things but we have the reveal tomorrow. So Tuesday was a head down and get on with it day.
fabrics selected
papers covered
lots of them
I had completed the background pieces and it was just a case of finishing the jigsaw

Needless to say, mistakes were made and some unpicking was done.
3D effect!!??

But before I went to bed it was complete.  Probably a good job as we were in Lincolnshire visiting DD in her new home and Thursday was a visit down south for my quota of Granny cuddles.

We will reveal all later on tomorrow as some of our members are across the water.

On Saturday we will be given the pattern for August and it all begins again.
pop over here if you fancy joining our little group

I have also added some extras to a Swap project that I am due to send off in October. This is all done so I am ahead with that one!

 SIL sent a pic of this ...... I think he may be teasing .....


  1. I'm impressed you were able to get it all done this week! I knew if I didn't work on it all month, I'd never finish in time. Nice job!

    I'm about done with my swap package too, I might pick up one more thing, trying to decide.

  2. Well done on finishing something sooooo small!!

  3. You have been busy, and I want to see the state of your finger after all that hand sewing.....all looks great