Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Willow Weaving

 When maybe I should have been at home, finishing the decorating or doing the ironing or packing my bags ready for a little trip to France, I tripped over to Lamport Hall to do a class on Willow Weaving (as you do!)

The old Laundry

Our Instructor, Sue gave us the choice of several items that we could weave, including some very nice plant supports, which I do need, and sculptured creatures (which are just for fun).

 I opted to make a chicken for my daughter 'S' who is about to move into a lovely rural setting. She was hoping to have a garden big enough to raise some chickens, but though the house they are moving to is huge larger that their present home, I don't think the garden would actually be suitable for the feathered sort.

Anyway, Sue gave us a quick run through on the process and we began to make our own chooks
some of the willow is grown locally

the basis of the body

Henrietta taking shape

Filling in the body

 We stopped for a short lunch break and had a stroll around the gardens.

This 'ruin' was built to display all the rockery plants and former owner, Sir Charles Isham's,  collection of garden gnomes. "Lampy" (thought to be the world's first Garden Gnome) still lives at Lamport Hall and has made celebrity appearances at the Chelsea Flower Show.  Apparently on the demise of Sir Charles, his daughters promptly went into the garden armed with shot guns and finished of all the other wee folk as they thought they were awful!

 The gardens however are beautiful
 some really weird seed pods

 A simple but charming piece of stained glass

 The Aliums are fantastic
 Lamport Hall has the largest walled "cutting" garden in the country
 It is a huge plot and all so the Lady of the house could have fresh cut flowers whenever she wanted. There are some unusual plants, and so many that are not native to this country but they seem to thrive in the shelter of these walls

 We did find this clump of Rhubarb had found a home here
many a pie to be filled here
 I don't know what this plant is, the leaves are huge but the flowers are ike stalks of snow

 I love Delphiniums, (and think mine could rival these)

 But I was quite envious of the superb collection of blousey Peopies

 Anyway - back to the weaving. I think Henrietta looks more like Mr Rooster so I started another one who will definitely be more girly

 I didn't get them both completed, but Sue packed me up with enough willow to finish off at home. (must do the ironing first!)
A couple of the ladies made Dragonflies for their gardens

 And when all the feathers are fluffed I will show you my finished first attempts at willow weaving (but definitely not the last).
I had a lovely day doing something quite different.

And now back to the chores.........


  1. I think your chichen is so sweet and just the thing to cheer up a garden. Looks like you had a nice day for wandering the garden to

  2. Looks like a day well spent, which one is mine???!!! ;-p

    1. You must wait for their chicks to hatch ! X

  3. Lovely day. I want to see a photo of the finished object!!