Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Pirate has Returned

 You may remember that I had wanted to go to Leigh Art Festival a couple of  weekends ago but the plumbing incident put paid to that.

 Well,  yesterday we were called upon to help out babysitting and who doesn't want a trip to the seaside on a lovely day.  We travel down on Tuesday evening because it was a very early start to T & E and our morning began with a visit to Jo Jingles . Great fun and I knew most of the songs.
 We had a trip along the coast a bit and though the sun was shining, there was a cool, strong breeze ( not unusual for the British seaside) so we headed back to Old Leigh for some lunch as it's a bit more sheltered there.

I was delighted to see that the Pirate crochet had been returned to its postbox outside Chalkwell station  ( cannot believe that someone would have kidnapped him!!)
photo from
 so we detoured to Leigh station and had a photo taken with this little lady
photo from
 The detail on these creations is superb!  Little Miss O thought they were lovely but wasn't so happy being perched so high on top of the postbox!

 Anyway - today was spent catching up on neglected tasks and took a couple of hours off to get on with June's Mini Mania Challenge
 Tiny pieces had been cut and something must have been going right because I got the whole thing finished before Tea Time! Just the binding to sew down by hand
 Can't show you the finished item because we "reveal all " at the end of the month
Finished block size is 1 1/2"!!!
This little group is open to newcomers just pop over to this site to join in the fun!

A few more chores and we head off to the airport again!  This time we are visiting with Sister3  and we are hoping to see some of this

But if they are not out yet ( we have mis-timed it every visit!) there will be beautiful, peaceful countryside with some great food and quite a bit of relaxing ready to start July off.


  1. Hope the sunflowers are out as they are always lovely.

  2. Post worth waiting for. Glad the Pirates back and I wouldn't be too happy to be perched on top of a pot box ! Have a good holiday.x

  3. Looks like you had a good trip down to the sea side skies etc. and those crochet art works look amazing. Love your fabrics for the mini mania and the piecing looks perfect. X

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