Sunday, 7 June 2015

Another "What a Week!" -

But not in a good way....

We are redoing our bedroom. This is a very much long awaited project.

So - walls stripped ready for new paper.

A two week long impasse regarding replacing the fitted wardrobes or not.

I give in on condition I get full charge of the new curtains and colour scheme.

Move all contents of (three double and a single cupboard and twelve drawers!!) current wardrobes into spare room cupboards.  So by smartening up our room, we have trashed three other rooms.

It had to be done

Remove current fittings and purchase new ones.

"Shall we remove the artex from the ceiling and have it re skimmed?"  Knew that one was coming.

Our lovely plasterer came ( three weeks later - he's really busy and we had a holiday) and skimmed the ceiling.  "I could do the walls too"  Knew that one was coming too!!  But not till next week.

Flat pack fun on Thursday!!
My contribution!
Fit the new cupboards and remove radiator and wait for the plasterer to return to do the walls.

Call the plumber as the caps on the radiator pipes are leaking. Plumber (angel) arrives and caps of the leaky pipe.  "That radiator could do with replacing". 

Order new radiator!

Plasterer arrives and makes a fabulous job of the walls.  This is quite an old house and there were lots of cracks and repairs that had been done over the years.

So now we just have to paint the walls and move everything back, hopefully before the family arrive mid week to stay for a few days and attend a wedding.

(I say "we" but will readily confess that Mr T has done just about all of the work)

Saturday evening.  Sitting doing a bit of sewing. I have joined a "Swap" and am working on that as well as June's contribution to the Mini Mania group.

can't show too much as it's a "secret" swap

"Come quickly!" - Another leak from the removed radiator pipes that was now dripping through the sitting room ceiling!!

That's the shortened version to my ..... eventful week!

I did get to complete 4 more blocks of my new quilt - only 15 to go now!

I really wanted to get to see the Yarn Bombing pieces at Leigh Art Trails this weekend but that's not going to happen.

So - we await the plumber and there's not much else to do but crack on with a bit more sewing.

Hope that your week have been as much "fun"!


  1. It's what happens when you think you're going to have too much time on your hands!! It will be worth it in the end. X

  2. You wore me out just reading about your project that turns into projectsssssss, but it will look stunning once done and well worth the effort.

  3. He's a good chap is our Tony! bless him x

  4. I hate anything where plumbing is involved as something always leaks!!!! See you at crochet group so I hope that there is somewhere to sit.