Sunday, 10 May 2015


What a week!!

All of my lovely family came last weekend to help me "celebrate" my birthday. I have got to the age (or past it) when I don't really want to count the years passing, but they do pass and we just have to get on with it. In my head I am MUCH younger than my birth certificate announces.

They weather was mostly kind and time was spent lounging around the garden after attending a friend's birthday party on Saturday night. Fortunately, I was the designated driver so was able to snigger at the grey faces and wild hair when the young ones got up on Sunday morning.

Monday arrived and parcels were opened

Just what I wanted
And then this .....
 with no more info other than I need to pack ready for a trip next weekend!  The factor 50 and bug repellent are no clue, I use these in the garden at home!  The sun hat is not my normal attire, but knowing my children it could very well be a joke. Anyway - Benidorm or Bognor - it will be nice to have a few days away!

I had lots of other lovelies too, including this rather grand lamp for the garden
it's huge!
 And a rather lovely new watch .....
which is quite a bit bigger than the one I presently wear, so hopefully I will be able to see the dial more easily!!

Little Miss O was her normal gorgeous self and again was quite happy getting wet. We let her just play away transferring water from one place to another then dropping stones and other things into the water. We did draw the line at letting her drink it!
 which reminds me - I have to go fishing for a mug and some measuring spoons!

Not much crafting has been done this week, but I did attend a crochet group on Friday where I showed off the progress of my blanket and began to hook an amigurumi snail but as you can see - there was much talking and not so much working going on!
just the head!!
 Yesterday Mr T was playing golf, so after a quick blitz of the house I did manage to piece another charity quilt top

 And cut and pieced this colourful cushion    I just have to embroider his face and whiskers on.

I have finished May's Mini Mania project (can't show you yet) and am delighted to see that the lovely "D" has decided to join in our little group.  So it's official - we are international

I have also got sucked into a swap group over on Instagram and a anticipating an email with info of who I am partnered with! It seems that many members are also in many other swap groups but I have just signed up to this one and will see how it pans out.

Lots to do in the garden but we had daughter and SIL visiting again this weekend and my girl does love to potter about in the garden, so we got more done than we expected. 

Am off into the loft to retrieve my suitcase to get ready for the surprise trip!


  1. How exciting, the holiday I mean. When do you leave and is it a big or small suitcase, cabin baggage or the back of the car!!!????

  2. Im so happy you have a watch with a face you can see, its been bugging me for years!!! I think the sun hat is a ruse, make sure you take your coat and gloves ;-0