Monday, 25 May 2015

A Fabulous Week!

 That started off with a pleasant train journey, arriving at Gatwick Airport on Saturday afternoon. I had been given an envelope with instructions written on the front, not to open until I got "the call" and not to forget my passport. That's as much as I knew

 I was then told that I would be staying at one of the on-site hotels, as it was an early start in the morning.

Off we tripped across to the hotel ready to check in and await "the call"


I turned around to see son "T"  and wife "E" and Little Miss "O" and Daughter "S" and husband "L" all sitting in the hotel lobby with cameras rolling to catch me out!

And the BEST bit?!!! They were coming too!!!

Oh My! I didn't know if I was on my heads or my heels.

Our destination was a beautiful villa in Argaka, a village in (very sunny) Cyprus!
a couple of clowns

It was a bit surreal - its usually me that is in on a plot.
Now - between us - I think there are around 1500 photos.

But don't worry I am not going to put you through that!

There was an awful lot of time spent in the pool
T showing his catching skills
 The temperature stayed in the 30's all week - not something we are used to!

Some great shots taken my several cameras. The young ones having fun doing "action"  and underwater shots with a Go-pro camera
S showing her tumbling skills
There were Oranges, Lemons, Grapefruit and Apricots growing all around the house, and the farmer popped his head over the fence to give us a supply of juicy apricots.

Lots of wildlife around including this cheeky chameleon doing a bit of climbing

The people in Cyprus are so friendly. We had some fabulous food and really good prices at the local tavernas.


spaghetti marinara

great sea bass
And before you know it, its all over!

 And the best bit?
Well some would think I will say something about Little Miss O who has kept us laughing, entertained and on our toes all week.

Some would think its the glorious weather that we enjoyed, or the food, or the beverages (if which there were many) 

But for me it was watching my children ( and their partners) enjoying each others company, I love that.

Back to home and it seems really quiet today. And BLUMMIN cold!!!
(16 degrees today!)

Washing all done - post opened ( nice little cheque there thank-you) and a message from Angel Andy at Sew Northampton to say that my sewing machine is serviced and ready for collection, (hope the cheque will cover that!)

I seem to have volunteered myself into a Swap group over on Instagram. Its called Around the World Craft Swap.  No idea what I am doing with the posting bit but have a couple of ideas on the item I am going to make, so will get on with that.  Hopefully I will get a bit of tuition on the technical side from someone who knows!!


  1. What a lovely holiday. Can't wait to hear all about it.

  2. What a wonderful birthday gift, never to be forgotten. So glad you all enjoyed it so much, you deserved it.

  3. Pleased you had such a great time. It looks as though everyone did and plenty of memories(and photos!!)πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€