Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Sooo Lucky!!!

I had been invited to visit a local woodland to hear the nightingales  sing their glorious chorus. So we set off into deepest darkest Bedfordshire Cambridgeshire Northamptonshire not exactly sure where countryside up a long bridle-path, where we started the walk. 

There were still swathes of beautiful bluebells
And the weather was being nice

These Silver Birch trees looked like they had frost topping them
And some huge specimen Oak trees
Everywhere was so quiet. No noise other than the birds singing.

With the occasional Muntjac deer barking from the undergrowth
The Nightingales were a little shy though we did hear some, they weren't in full voice.
So we headed over to a Badger set to see if there was any movement
The set was HUGE! It had many entrances

Anyway, we settled for a very quiet wait,  and as the last of the light was disappearing, out they came! I was so thrilled to see them even from afar. This was one thing on my "Bucket List" and now I can cross it off.
 No photos of the creatures as the light had almost gone and I was to busy watching to worry about the camera.

I do hope to be asked again.
I behaved very well.
I didn't laugh like a Hyena when I heard a commotion and saw my friend "S"  rolling around on the floor trying to get up quietly from where she had fallen. (though I confess that I did giggle under my breath)
And I didn't scream like a banshee when we heard a rustling in the undergrowth - and we knew it wasn't one of us!!
So hopefully our guide will have been suitably impressed and will set another date.


  1. Beautiful, but ...where??

  2. O.K. you have now updated the blog and the previous comment looks stupid, but I forgive you as it was so nice to travel with you on your walk.

  3. You had a beautiful walk! Where are those beautiful bluebells growing?

  4. Jealous - I would love to see badgers!!!!