Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A Busy Week

 But not necessarily on the sewing front.
I have kept up with the walking round the reservoir at Sywell Country Park, and this week took a photo of a really striking Jay

But it wasn't this photo...
Jay perched on a branch (c) Mike Rawlings

Try as I might, I couldn't find the blummin bird amongst the tree in my pic!

We seemed to have all sorts of appointments taking up time and a long overdue visit to Sister 1,  and then off to Wendover to help out at the Art Exhibition at "S's" place of work

The preview evening on Friday was packed, as was the Saturday morning so they hopefully will have raised lots of dosh for their running costs .

We did have time to sneak out into the glorious sunshine for a bite of lunch.

It WAS healthy - really!!
 And the last couple of days has seen my lovely workspace go from this

to this!!!

I have been sorting out my overflowing scrap box. Cutting squares and strips and the binning the smallest pieces.

So the scrap box now looks like this

And I have a bit more tidying up to do before I can start filling the box up again.

The Mini Mania quilts had a group photo
12" square Puddle Jumping pattern from ThimbleBlossoms
 And a sneaky peak at the March design - which is almost complete! Go Me!!

points missing... perhaps a good press will work!


  1. I can sympathise with bird pictures - never se them when I have taken them. Lovely mini quilts.

  2. Your sewing room looks much better....more lived in, not just for show. The mini's turned out really well, no to the next :)

  3. Admiring the mini quilts!! And well impressed by the sewing room. Onward and upward to quilt no. 2 (will start it Saturday) 😋😋😋

  4. This is a test to see if you get notifications from me ...keeping fingers crossed. By the way the comment from 'jo' was me to...did you guess