Monday, 16 March 2015

Crochet Cracked! ( Well - Nearly)

 I am still sorting out my HUGE box of scraps and some of the larger pieces were destined to be used to make these lovely little wax crayon roll up's at our group meeting this week.
 I have cut 100's of 2 1/2" squares  and strips and that box also yielded nearly 30 roll up's too!!  Just got to finish them all off now.

I have - for some time- promised myself that I would learn to crochet, You may remember that I did a mini course at Yarndale last September, and I made a small basket at that workshop.

Well on Friday, I (complete with a cake baked as a bribe) joined in a home crochet group. I had decided to use all the little bits of carpet yarn from mine and my friends previous projects to make another basket.
 But I wanted this one slightly taller, so I had to start and extra two balls to finish it off.

And then I had some more leftover yarn from that basket, so ---- I made another
And then I has to start another ball to finish this one, so ..... see where this is going? well it could go one forever, so I have popped the leftovers in the supply bag, in case anyone else needed just a bit to finish off.
The baskets are made with three strands of carpet yarn, and there is no "give" in the yarn, so they are quite sturdy an happily stand up on their own.

 Anyway, I think I have the drop of how to create the stitches, so I am going to jump in and make a striped blanket using Attic 24's  Cosy pattern . It is not a difficult pattern to follow and I just LOVE the change of colour every third row. I have not used the same colours, but this will be my variation on Cosy.
Looking like it should
 so I added a couple more colours and felt a bit like maybe my "cast on" row was a bit tight, compared with the actual blanket

 Keep on going or start again ???

After this pic, I added two more colour rows, and took it off to my group this morning to ask "teacher" what she thought. ( I actually knew what she was going to say, but you just have to ask don't you!)

Yup!!  All unravelled  ( or "frogged" for all you professionals) ready to start again, but using a larger hook for the start chain. I know she's right! 

 I have had a lesson from Little Miss O in taking a "selfie"

lesson learned - don't sit in front of the window!

 She knows just what to do!!

 And just to show you how much my son loves me -
 My Mothering Sunday card.  That is JUST him!!!

We have a busy weekend coming up - a big family "Christmas" dinner to welcome nephew home from his 6 months of travelling in South America. 
Lucky boy! another nephew (the sailor) will be coming into the UK from the USA on Wednesday, and we will be meeting up with him, to hand over  belongings stored whilst he was away, and maybe - just maybe, he might have transported a few goodies from across the water.  Just a bit excited!!


  1. Get you with the crochet! No stopping you now.

  2. Your blanket was probably worth the 'undo' and yet another lesson learnt....makes two for this post the selfie

  3. Lovely little Miss 'O' and her selfie. Have a lovely family weekend - I have just had one and they are such fun.

  4. Wonderful Miss O photo .......crochet blanket looked good to me but I am sure you have done the correct thing after having good advice..Hate unding any thing.