Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Where did that week go??

Sister 2 and the nephew - (the one that has been travelling in South America for 6 months ) - began the week with a brisk walk around the reservoir .  It was a lovely morning, but he had been in much warmer climes for a long while and was definitely feeling the cold!!

He is ALWAYS smiling!
 It was a really glorious start to the week

And the hedgerows are filling with blossom that looks like snow!
I did manage to get some more of the crayon roll up's made, some to go to the Shoe Box appeal and some to be saved for our sales table later in the year.

And then there was the Eclipse.
little boys and their toys
 Lots of glueing and sticking on Thursday evening .......

Resulted in a viewing box for the occasion
 But it worked!!!

good old cardboard box

Then there was baking for a charity stall and Strawberry Muffins made to be added to a pudding/cake found on Pinterest.

Do you "do" Pinterest?I spend so much time looking at things that I want to do, instead of actually get on with the making!!! But it does inspire some great ideas.
strawberry muffins
Anyway the  Strawberry Almond Layer Cake that I made for a "welcome home" celebratory meal that lots of the family attended on Sunday went down a treat.
And we may or may not have had a royal visit

 Meanwhile back at the coal face --- I am halfway through sewing 120 lavender bags for a friend of mine.
 Before I am allowing myself to play with these pretties that the nephew transported back from Sister 3
I am giving myself a couple of hours with the hook each evening and after unwinding the 6 rows and beginning again I have now got 15 rows of lovely colourful comfort.

So I am keeping busy!

Off to babysit on Saturday and meeting the nephew (the sailor not the traveller) on Sunday to hand over his belongings that we have been looking after before he transfers to his new ship.

And that will be another week gone........


  1. No royal visit just your own special little "Princess" am loving the new fabrics!!!and it's good to know T is keeping busy😋

  2. Don't the weeks just fly by once you have retired? Glad your out and about enjoying it all

  3. I know what you mean - this week is packed!! Love the crayon rolls.