Sunday, 22 November 2015

My Wanderlust Has Gone!

 Not my desire to travel. My Around the World Craft Swap/Wanderlust Crafters swap item has at last found a home!
My first swap partner dropped out the week we were supposed to ship, so I was asked to hold onto my piece to then send on to her partner, who had gone very quite on the Instagram front. The second partner had said that she was going to be late, but had promised to ship by 7th November. (this was a month late)  &th November came and went and after a further 10 days the Swap Momma said enough was enough!  So I was given a third partner, who had sent her package weeks ago!

The gift is now en-route, and should be there by the middle of the week. I do hope she is not disappointed after all this time!

 This was my first Swap and have to say, the experience was not what it could have been, though I did get that fabulous crochet bag

from Elaine in Liverpool and I am using it every day. It stores the wool and the blanket in progress perfectly!

Apparently the experience has not put me off completely, cos I've done it again!!   Another Swap for the New Year!

 I had also started knitting a scarf/shawl in this lovely lace weight yarn, it is so soft and fine it is lovely to work with. But I had done about 6 inches of the knitting and  ---  reality check ---- I will NEVER finish this! So I pulled it all down again and have started another Road Trip Shawl, which works up so quickly and are really useful items. 
its very fine!
 Mr T is a very happy chappie - his new golf clubs (made to measure) have arrived and cost much less than I had anticipated (don't tell him) and apparently - they work!!   He has set himself a challenge to reduce his handicap by 4 points by next summer.

 It looks like I may be seeing less of him from now on....... (more sewing time- Yay!)

We still have to decorate a bedroom after the plaster had to be removed from one complete wall - long story -  but then that is all the major jobs in the house caught up to date. Thank Goodness!
Love a newly plastered wall!
 Yesterday my daughter and SIL came down ( halfway house for a visit south today) and we attended the switching on of the Town Christmas Lights - Known locally as The Christmas Sparkle

 It is a town that we live in, but locals call it "the village" as it is a small town, but has so much history.

There was a French Market in the High Street, and Funfair and Ice Rink on the Market Square, Santa's Grotto in The Chichele College   (this building dates back to the early 1400's)
 And the place was HEAVING!!!!!
 As darkness fell Fireworks were set off and the pretty town lights were lit.
 I think it was a very successful event. I will walk up and get a photo of the Market Square when all the extras have been removed.

Today Mr T will be playing with his new toys, and hopefully doing a bit of painting and I have three Christmas stockings to make for a friend.
Appliqué prepped so sewing will commence.
 Must be finished by Thursday as I have a schedule of finishes to get back too!


  1. Love the bag you gave to your swap partner, and I am sure she will be thrilled with it especially as I bet she thought she wasn't going to get anything after all the delays. Glad it didn't put you off because swaps can be such fun.
    Christmas Sparkle looked great and wonderful that you had family to share it with.
    Lucky Mr. T. and it's not even Christmas X

  2. Wow that was quick for Mr T's golf clubs and I hope you gets his handicap down!!

  3. lovely picture of you and the 'kids'.x

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