Monday, 30 November 2015

A Different Kind of Workshop

As things are starting (far too early if you ask me!) to get festive, but I do like to have a day making a Wreath to hang on the front door.

Anyway, a group of us met up and Glenys (bless her patience!) showed us step by step to make a "proper" Christmas Wreath.
Starting with a wire ring
wrapping with moss
now a nice sturdy ring ready for greenery to be added
all the green had to be wired
Yew from the churchyard

 I usually use a lot more Holly, but I whimped out this year - it seemed extra prickly!

The green was almost done but an essential stop for lunch before adding the last of the covering.
layering all around
 And then to add some "Tra La's". I decided to add a little ceramic Robin that was made by a friend

 Tried a few more pretties, but decided to leave it simple and just add a bow to Glitz it up and then a ribbon to hang it by

 I can now see that the hanging ribbon needs a bit of adjustment.

Its now on the door yet. It sits out in the back garden waiting until we get  into December.  This will hang on the door till 12th Night and then I hang it in the back garden and will probably last well into March, though the birds will make short change of the berries, but that's fine by me.

 A quick pic of all the other wreaths made on a very enjoyable day.
 It was lovely to spend the day with such good company and Darling Daughter came along too.
sometimes, less is more!

Tomorrow brings the big Reveal of our November Mini Mania Challenge and the instructions for our December one. This time we will combine December and January so no reveal at the end of December, but I have heard that it may be a bit more of a Challenge  ......we shall see!


  1. You and Jo do such fun things....I want to live near you all!:)

  2. It was a lovely day, and a bit of a change from the sewing machine. Mind you some of that greenary can prick your finger deeper than a sewing pin. Mine is also in the garden until Tuesday, but with all the rain I might need a bigger nail to hold it up as it is getting very heavy.

  3. Your wreath is lovely! When I saw your pictures on Instagram, I didn't realize you had made it entirely!

  4. Loved making my wreath, which is in the garden shed as I didn't want the birds to get at it yet!! It will go up next week. Great day and super food.

    Mini mania will be a challenge as it takes some planning!