Friday, 4 December 2015

November Mini Mania Reveal

 This month's Challenge was to make 9 Churn Dash Blocks into a Mini measuring no more than 20".  Simple eh?

Well first there was the debate about what is a Churn Dash!!  After much a bit of discussion it was agreed (was there any doubt?) about what constituted a Churn Dash and off we went.

Mine measured 9" including the borders
 But then I made another measuring 19" and still included the ( blocks

 Jo started off really small too, but then wasn't happy with this one
 So she also made another! Blogged Here

 Angie made One block - a Wonky one, which took lots of working out, cutting and trimming - but what a lovely result
 Carole also went TINY with pieced centres  - Blogged here

 Becca used up some HST"s from another project to make this lovely two tone - blogged here

 Dee was up to her usual tricks and created a completely different Mini using up some spare Jen Kingwell blocks too - Blogged Here

always outside the box!
 And SewGentle also used up some spare HTS's and made this lovely gentle Aqua mini 

 All in all a great months contributions.
We are combining December and January as folk seem to be a bit busy at this time of year. Anyway - We are making a Mini Sampler Quilt with a minimum of nine different blocks with a maximum finished measurement of 20" .

At this point minds have started racing. We will have sneak peaks as we go with a reveal at the end of January.

Anyone can join in the fun, fancy joining us? Pop over here to see

On another note, I have made a rather pretty beaded bauble
and LOVED the process so plan to make a couple more. My Mini may have to take a back seat this week!


  1. Yes, they are all great! I haven't even started thinking about the next challenge!;)

  2. I keep thinking about the 'mini' when I am driving - very dangerous - and then forget when I get home!!

    Love your beaded bauble.