Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A Cracking Good Yarn!

 And a fabulous weekend was had, starting with a visit to Yarndale.
This is only the second year that this event has been held. The venue is the Auction Mart (cattle market) in Skipton. The building is transformed from a plain utility building into a riot of colour.

 Lucy (the infamous) from Attic 24 has requested for crocheted Mandalas to be sent in from anyone who wished to do so, to decorate this barn. 1182 people did so, including C (who did one for me too - I hadn't cracked the crochet thing then)

 Lucy had crocheted extra large Mandalas and strung them around a child's Hoola Hoop

 Some purchases were made ...

 and some designs were admired

 Just love this blanket
 and this one

 And more colour. The stall holders were very generous with their time and knowledge. These were all and spun and dyed yarns made from mostly "cottage" style industry. Some alpaca fibres and there were quite a few rabbits giving up their fluff for the angora yarns.

 A novel way of displaying your goodies. I have one of these printers drawers - maybe.......

There were areas where you could just sit and knit or crochet and chat among like minded folk
 And the attic 24 corner

 And photos taken for a friend who could not be there
J posing with the art
 And I just fell in love with these planters, but couldn't make up my mind which colour to buy.

 An area filled with last years bunting
 And some of the Egg Cosy Challenge exhibits, which were sold off for charity
 If it stood still long enough, it got "Yarn Bombed"

 A map to add your home town on. Visitors from abroad too - A huge contingent from Ireland.
 Everywhere you went, something had been "got"
 After the show, we ventured into Skipton to go to Coopers where Lucy & Tracy have their studio. Tracy makes some lovely mice and hares to sell and blogs here

Lucy's chair (for a special fan)

 We were allowed to use these to have our refreshments. The coffee shop was PACKED!!
Jo with the yarn stash

S was having fun too

 The whole place was full of colourful inspiration.

 And (trumpet roll) the mini workshop that I participated in resulted in this (I think) lovely crochet basket . It is made with three strands of Carpet Yarn so is quite rigid.
So proud!!
Whilst I was there Mr T and Mr D had a game of golf. So Win Win there.
a walk round the village
 We were invited back to S home to have dinner with the family including two of the most delightful young teenagers  that you would ever wish to meet.
A great day.

The next day we ventured over the Yorkshire Dales down some REALLY narrow roads and over to County Durham to meet with friends.  We ate at The Otter & Fish  - well worth a visit if you are ever in the area. A great meal, as always and just enough room to squeeze in a desert ( Key Lime Cocktail) - Yummy!

Sunday night was spent just north of Newcastle, and Monday morning off up to Northumberland to visit another friend who used to live close by.

More food - Lunch at Barter Books which is a treasure chest full of readables situated in the old railway station in Alnwick.

 After farewells in Alnwick, we headed down the coast with a quick pit stop and a paddle (brrrr) in Alnmouth

 View from across the estuary

 And another night just south of Newcastle. More food, this time at a rather good Italian restaurant which was recommended by someone at the Washington services on the A1.
" Go over the foot bridge through the car park and you will find a hole in the fence. Through the gap, and turn right about 50 yards "
( is this a northern joke??)
So off we went. Finding the hole in the fence was no problem and we had a great meal, with a couple of drinks I was a bit worried about finding the gap in the fence on the way back - but should not have been bothered - it was well worth the adventure.

743 mile round trip (with a few detours) . I have had a great weekend.

32 days to the next trip!!!!  Getting excited!!


  1. Yes you have to say 'wonderful weekend. What a super crochet basket, what's next?

  2. Love your crochet basket to fill with threads or something useful and thanks for the photo of the "CHAIR" - loved it.

    You seem to have had a full on weekend and thank you for my 'package'!