Monday, 22 September 2014


On the blog front,  but I don't seem to have had any free time either!

I have jumped in with the football shirt quilt and am nearly there too!
Just one more row to add then layer it with the pieced backing that I have made and then return to sender!! I do hope that the nephews wife has told him that she has disposed of his collection of shirts.........

No chance of getting this bag finished (or even started)
Elizabeth Hartmans Version

Amy Butler Weekender bag using this method  before my long awaited weekend away at
Yarndale and then on to visit friends "Up 't north"
BUT I have another little trip planned and I WILL have it completed before then!

If I get a chance to add this weeks events I will, but if not it will be a colourful photo report from cooler climes next week.


  1. Well done with the football shirt quilt, not a task I would like.

  2. I like it to, though not my scene but a man should love it. Hope you enjoyed Yarndale!!

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