Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Picture Says It All

Its been a busy few days. Nothing much to show on the sewing front. Trying to get ahead of myself at work so I can trot of to warmer climes with a clear conscience.

I have nearly finished the knitted shawl/scarf/shrug thing. It is so much longer the the pattern states, but I have tried it on the recipient, and it needs to be just one more pattern repeat and the few rows of moss stitch border. We decided that we would not add the buttons. Miss Mrs S would rather use a very nice shawl pin to secure it in place.

We looked after little Miss O at the weekend. She is truly the easiest baby that I have ever known. Always happy. Always smiling. Just the most content child.

BUT  - we have zoomed through the crawling stage. She follows you around like a zippy little puppy grabbing your legs to pull herself upright. 
We had to develop Ninja skills.
We are not used to this.

We were sent this pic tonight. She does take after her Mummy!!!

All packed up and ready to go see our other family

at the weekend, for a long looked forward to break.  Break out the sunscreen Sister 3 - we are on the way!!!


  1. Have a great holiday and a rest. Looking forward to hearing all about it when you return.

  2. Enjoy your break and lap up that sunshine x x