Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A Tad Tardy....

 Is how I feel regarding my finishing things these past couple of weeks. Life and Work sometimes just gets in the way

I did , however, finish THE football shirt quilt. It was a bit of a beast to sew. Those fabrics have a mind of their own. But it is done, and delivered to the soon to be 40 year old nephew ( well to his lovely wife) for opening on the day.

She was pleased, so that is something.  I DO HOPE that she has prepared him for the destruction and reconstruction of these treasured items ........
23 years worth of supporting that team!

 After my visit to Yarndale and the construction of my Carpet Yarn basket (which I am so proud of) my friend J and I have embarked on a project for the ladies that meet at the LQS. Well to be truthful J has set them a task - I am just muscling in.

Anyway, we ordered some Axminster Yarn and are now decanting it into 50 gramm balls for the ladies to use.  J & C took some of the cones and I have brought the rest home to do the same. There were a few more cones than originally decided upon, but that was because I filled out the order form and couldn't resist adding some of my favourites to it!

The yarn is quite coarse but makes a very sturdy item.  So of the ones that I brought home,  6 colours have been re wound.   I cannot take credit for this. I set Mr T onto it as he has much more patience (and time!!) and lets face it - it kept him awake during the football last evening!

Whilst the man was doing my tasks, I finished another pattern repeat on this project. Only two more repeats to go but the finished item should measure 25cm wide by 85cm long . Mine is 25cm wide but is already 105 cm long!?!!!  (maybe that pattern is wrong?). I am holding fire until Thursday when I can try it on a model who is a similar size to the recipient and I may just call it a day.

It's not a scarf it's a sort of shawl/collar/shrug type thing. It is Alpaca, Silk and Cashmere and it was not cheap, so I want it to be used AND look good. Anyway, a try on session will settle the problem and then I can continue with the crochet thing, oh and make little Miss O a couple of cardi's for the winter months.
Might take those away with me ( 19 days to go!!!)
I have purchased a wooden crochet hook to take on the aircraft with me. Wonder if that will happen!

The sample that encouraged me to make this !The Stand at the NEC where it was purchased
Am off now to finish a couple of Angels for the Piecemakers exhibit at the Angel Festival in November, and to start THE bag that I want to take away with me.

 You may think that I don't get much done, but I have had this little treasure for the last 4 days and she is SUCH a time-waster!

but so cute!
And it looks like she is going to be trouble soon!!


  1. She is so gorgeous, but they grow up so quickly.

    What is it about 40th birthdays - my younger son M is flying to New York in November, to run his 50th marathon on his 40th birthday!!!

    Tell Mr T that it is easy to wind wool as I did all of mine in about 2 hours.

  2. Having problems leaving comments from my iPad....so using Mr. D's. Lots of yarn and lots to do, so get your skates on and finish that neck 'thing'. Theses babes do take up the time don't thay?

  3. yep! got my share of the yarn decanted in a couple of hours and it gave my hands a rest from crochet and knitting. If you have more to do let me know I am good at winding things up....especially Mr D

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