Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Lots to Tell!!

 But absolutely No sewing been done this past three weeks!
We have had a lot of family things going on beginning with a bit of baby sitting for
Miss O.
We were in charge Saturday and Sunday whilst Mummy & Daddy attended a wedding.
I used the occasion to bring the Chariot out of storage. 29 years old (the chariot, not the baby !)

Unfortunately, little miss had contracted a virus (before we took over).  A quick visit to the doctor to confirm nothing serious and we packed a tearful Mummy and Daddy off.

Popped baby into the carriage and walked the mile and a half to the sea front.

lots of pretty dresses, but sported a vest all day trying to keep cool
 It was a lovely walk - even though the sea was no where to be seen!
Miss O was fine whilst we were walking, but very restless when we stopped, so we kept walking.

 Mr T pushed (leaned - a lot) and was promised a steak dinner at a favourite pub on the front.

 It was PACKED!! 
 So we continued walking. 
The trouble is going back to the house is all UP hill! 
And no steak or beer. Not what we had planned. 
After a very long night Miss O seemed to have picked up and things got back to normal, 
and I went to bed VERY early.

 The following weekend saw a "Hen" and Chick gathering in York.

First Class travel

With Brunch at Kennedy's

 A fair amount of shopping for some and the afternoon in a cocktail bar for others, meeting up for afternoon tea at Bettys

two of my lovely sisters
 Then there was THE wedding

 A great big Thank You to my dear friend Ena and her crew of flower arrangers at St Mary's Church  for the beautiful floral arrangements.

  We woke to rain. A lot of rain. But there was nothing we could do about that  so hair was curled, make up applied and our best dress put on.

The weather was kind to us, the rain stopped about an hour before the service, and it remained a bit cloudy and breezy till later on in the afternoon when the sun came out in earnest  

 And here the Happy Couple
Mr & Mrs W

 Uni friends came - these girls are FAB, they make my girlie so happy. They came from far and wide to help celebrate. And Celebrate they did!!!

 Kelmarsh Hall is a beautiful venue

 with beautiful gardens

 to just stroll around
 or sit and enjoy the sunshine
there were seats!!
 it was a lovely relaxed day

 with LOTS of dancing - can't recommend Matt Stratford Duo  highly enough. They sang their socks off all night.

 Sunday saw a quiet gathering of guests before they all departed for far points of the country

hangover hill
With just a few of these consumed

 A great (if unproductive) three weeks don't you think

 Meanwhile in the garden the Hollyhocks have come into flower in a big way

And I am now off to sort out some of the beautiful roses - Memory Lane and Avalanche - that were retrieved from an arrangement.

such a pretty colour

I am now up to date - I think - with all events, so some sewing is on the books.

 I joined in a Sew A Long earlier in the year as did a friend. Now she has worked out a pattern for another mini where the blocks are one and a half inch finished!

You heard it here

I. think. I. Am. Ready!


  1. You need a holiday now!! Very good photos so your new camera has proved a good investment. Might think about one for myself.

  2. Wow, what a wonderful few weeks. It's been a long while since we have been to such an enjoyable wedding, everything from the flowers to the venue were just great. Lovely to see all your family events.