Monday, 16 June 2014

Still Not Much Sewing.......

But a very productive week one way and another.

I did make a string of Alphabet Bunting on Thursday evening - it was a new stock item and a sample was needed in the shop.

I quite like it strung onto Ric-Rac. It will look nice in a child's nursery.

A wedding dress fitting for Miss S left me feeling quite emotional. A tweek or so to go and she will be happy, and ready for the Big Occasion!

I did make cakes as requested by my VERY good friend. These were for a local event - Higham Secret Gardens - 14 local gardens are opened up for viewing, to raise funds for projects to improve the town.

Sunday saw us making - h.u.n.d.r.e.d.s. of cups of tea and coffee  and serving copious amounts of cake to those visitors making their way around the list of gardens

tea and cake served in a delightful setting

time for a catch up between the washing up!

emptying punters pockets
choosing scrummy cakes
 It was nice to take time to join in this community project.

And then spending the time at  group today to complete this little dress for - well you know who
Not quite there yet - but will finish this off tomorrow. Just the hem and buttonholes to go.

A friend has been making crochet Mandalas for Yarndale 2014 and Mr T and I will be visiting Skipton to go to this event. I hope that I will spot ours.  Well, I will go to the exhibition and I expect Mr T will play golf, but that will make us both happy. We are both looking forward to visiting this beautiful part of our country and spending time visiting friends.

  Have you seen the Mandalas that have been made so far? Look here to feast  your eyes. And if you want to know how they will be used, visit Lucy at Attic 24 who is co-ordinating the collection.

I have a short list of things that I am promising myself to complete or learn this year.  I may share them with you, but then I will have to come up with the goods!  So I will save said list till I am confident that I will have a fighting chance........

Twelve days till Baby Sister comes to visit - can't wait for a cuddle and a catch up - miss her loads 


  1. You certainly are keeping yourself busy this year, the open gardens look well attended the yummy cakes must have helped . The bunting is sweet and the dress is beautiful

  2. is that me? cant wait to see you either, miss you too. went out to buy lounger chairs for your next visit! I need a hug! xx love you xx

    1. who else? Loungers? You mean I will get to sit down?!?! Love you too xxx

  3. Love the smocked dress. So diddy; pity my granddaughters are too big now. I will be thinking of you on THE BIG DAY!!