Thursday, 17 July 2014

It has begun

 You may recall that my good friend "J"and I had completed a miniature quilt with the
Sew Mama Sew Mini Medallion Quilt Along 
This is mine
It was fun to do. Just as time consuming a a larger quilt. And it has caused a fever. This one finished about 24" square., and we thought it would be "fun" to make a smaller mini.

I had got this pattern

The quilt measures 68" x 72" and the mini (one block ) 25".  Now "J"  being ......"J", decided that it would be "fun" if we reduced the size of the big quilt  and make that as a miniature.

"J" has risen to many a challenge from me over the past couple of years so how could I refuse!

She worked out the measurements and came with the sizes that we need to make. The finished quilt will be (hopefully) 13" x 15" - Yes REALLY!!  13" x 15 " . That means each friendship star block will measure ONE AND A HALF INCHES!!!

Love her!!
 Now you know when you have a gadget that you haven't used, yet. Well we had this item which allows you to print a paper foundation to as small as 3/8th in finished. MAD! But we printed out the sheets, and sewed the lines

 and then just cut along the marked lines.

You end up with 96 teeny tiny squares ready to make up into blocks.

You can see the light was fading - and so was I.

So I got up with the birds and nibbed all the corners

 and counted out half for "J" and half for me. "J" was doing the same so we had a good mix of colours

And as the birds had kept me company I stopped and had a cup of tea with them

It's not a race, but I have begun. I will show you the progress later.

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  1. Ha Ha Ha! Think that mini is going to take just as long as a full size quilt, I have spent the evening finger pressing my half square triangles, and I only got half of them done....... Love your cups, especially the Birds one. X