Saturday, 19 July 2014


Thunder and Lightning! We all experienced the storms at some point last night. I sat indoors watching for a while, then ventured outside to try to get some fresh air.

Now some of you may know that I received a very nice new camera for my birthday, and I am really pleased, if somewhat baffled by what the little gadget will do.

Anyway, the camera was in the kitchen, but I did have a shiny new phone in my hand, so I snapped these pics with that.
Just caught that one

getting better
MUCH better!

At this point, I admit that I got just a bit scared! So stepped back into the conservatory JUST as the heavens opened.

You may notice some lines on the photos - that was because the phone was so new that I hadn't even taken the cover off the camera lens! Duh!!!

My kids would be so proud......

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  1. Sort of thing I would do - leave the cover on I mean. Have not really mastered the phone camera yet. Press button once and get about 20 photos!!!