Saturday, 10 May 2014

Nearly there!!

We have been away for a few days. Spent time with my children (they always will be) and my gorgeous granddaughter, who has spent the week doing nothing but this

She is such a treasure to be with.

We were all together on Sunday, which just happened to be my birthday, so parcels were opened and fizzy stuff drunk. I had some very nice twinkly things and a collection of my favourite perfumes,  amongst lots of other treats. As I had been whinging on for weeks, Mr T came up with a very nice new camera. ( just got to learn what all the bells and whistles are for)

We spent the morning in Maldon, which is a very pretty town on the Blackwater estuary, and walked along the Hythe promenade, watched the model boats and a very nice young gentleman rescuing a football from the muddy riverbank for two little ones.

the tide was out!!
There were a number of London Barges on display. Some of these were involved in the Rescue at Dunkirk
 We walked

 and played with my very nice new camera
And ate and drank and generally chilled out. A good weekend.
The weather was kind to us until Thursday, when it decided to rain. All day. ALL day. But we still made a trip to Tiptree to see where the jam was made and to make a couple of purchases.
A very nice cream tea hasn't seem to added any numbers on my scales so a win win if you ask me.

Mr T  and I headed home and after a flurry of unpacking and washing and a bit of pantry replenishing and we are back to normal in the house. I spent those extra couple of hours trying to keep up with miss speedy pants  and finishing off my Sew Mama Sew  Mini Medallion Quilt Along .

Friendship Stars added

Well, when I say finishing of, I mean the piecing. I still have to layer and quilt it,  but that will be for another day. I have cut out another colour-way and will be interested to see how that one turns out, but I am on a mission to complete one before I start another!

I have seen some rather nice miniature patterns here and I may have made a small purchase..... 

There is still time for you to join in the Mini Medallion  fun. You can add your photos at 
(hash-tag)minimedallion on Instagram. As you can see  I can't even find the hash tag symbol on my keyboard, so it could be a while before I get my photos (taken on my very nice new camera- did I mention that?) posted!

Now back to normal and work today. (sad face) . Will be trading at Makit at Peterborough Show-ground on Sunday. I have not been to one of these events before so we will see what the day brings. 


  1. Welcome back, Lesley. Glad you had a great time and the sun shone for you.. The medallion quilt is looking good!!! Enjoy your day!!.

  2. I was hoping for a photo of the very nice looking young man and his ball!
    glad you had a nice break, now get quilting............pleeeeeeeease! xxxx

  3. See you at Makit. Glad you had a good holiday and we will expect great things from the new camera.

  4. Glad you had a good break and the weather was 'fairly' kind to you. Love the quilt, now we must get cracking on the quilting. Is it on the iPad that you can't find the # ....if so go the numerals then press what would normally be you caps lock. Hope to see you at Peterborough