Wednesday, 14 May 2014


 Some really weird weather here last night. The sun had been visiting, and it was quite a balmy evening.

Then I looked out and watched as this really (I mean REALLY) low cloud came rolling in

 It looked like you could almost reach up and touch it
 No wind
 It just crept along
 And then the thunder rumbled LOUDLY

 And some flashes of lightening

 More VERY LOUD rumbles

And then it was gone.... and that when torrential rain and hail fell so I didn't stop outside for that.
The lawn was covered in white. Looked like we had had snow!

But the whole thing was quite surreal and reminded me of this ......

Image borrowed from here
Is anybody out there?


Apparently there is, and they came back this evening!


  1. Was this Wednesday eve? If it was we are only a few miles from you and saw nor heard a thing.......

  2. I was out there!! and yes it was real!!! and Freaky!

  3. Really, really awful. I though the windows would fall in with the rain!!