Sunday, 25 May 2014

Can it be SO hard!?!

I had invested in a new pair of these this week, the sun had been shining, and my
current pair of "Roy Bons" (bought in Egypt 8 years ago) were a bit scratched

And we all know what happened then!  
It hasn't stopped to rain since I handed my pennies - or many pounds over.  Which is a shame, but it always seems to do so, just as my lovely Delphiniums come to their best. 
They are now a bit battered, but still as beautiful

 The Alliums seem to like the weather too this year, and are just coming into full flower
tucked in amongst the onions and garlic
 Maybe one or two more days of sun will see them at their best?

 You may remember that I had promised that I would finish this socking by the weekend?
Well, its a good job that this weekend had an extra day.
Truly, I have done enough stitching to have smocked this

Image borrowed from here
 I started off with this

and stitched and unpicked, and stitched and unpicked. I mean
How hard can it be?
I had a diagram. Its like sewing by numbers. And still when I looked at it,  I had added or missed a pleat so the pattern didn't sit correctly. Now my teacher and friend had pleated the fabric up, given me the instructions, and I know that she would make me get it right. I wanted it to look right.

 So I jumped in the car and popped down to the local store ( thank goodness for Sunday trading)
 and invested in these, (quite a posh store so quite an investment)

I stood in the shop, with needle and thread, and tried several different strengths.
 Is it just me, or do you hand sew closer to your face than the reading glasses take into account? Maybe it was because I was counting,  Maybe it was because it is a very fine fabric.
Maybe I'm just not very good at it.

 But its done! Well the smocking part anyway, which is all I promised. But I intend to get this finished soon, so Miss O can wear it. 

Now I am off to celebrate with a chick flick Because Mr T is staying with the boy tonight - they have had a day out at the BMW PGA at Wentworth
 The sun shone, they had a great time and a hero was kind. Bless!

 And best of all, I didn't have to watch it on the box!

Some of you would open a bottle, but I am going to tuck into some of these little beauties!


 Each to his own.


  1. Yes, you are of an age where those specs. will help. That smocking is looking really good, and your now on the easy bit Ha Ha Ha! Your flowers are much mire advanced than mine, and I didn't think I lived that much further North..... Thought of Mr. T while we watched the golf in a rainy Yorkshire. Glad you had such a nice weekend

  2. As you may be able to see I (so Jo) have hijacked Mr. D's iPad x x

  3. Smocking looking wonderful(not to worry if you make a mistake Baby O will not see it)but do not tell Jo.Perhaps I should try some new glass's that may stop me from making mistakes when smocking. Your garden looks great so the rain will do good.
    WHAT no cream with the strawberries.

    1. Ok Ellen. if you won't tell, then nor will I! And I wouldn't dream of spoiling those luscious strawberries with cream - don't forget - I have a posh frock to squeeze into soon!

  4. Snap, both of us smocking like mad, but yours is in a different class to mine. But I have done nearly all my 'homework'. What next??

    1. Any thing that you fancy smocking Carol - once the sampler piece has been approved!