Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Still Battling on!

 Well I had got to this point on Day One of the Mini Medallion Sew Along.

 Centre piece completed and lots of little squares cut ready for Part Two

Life has just got in the way this week, but last night I sat down and began chain piecing all those lovely little squares
Not too much to go wrong

Trimming then down took AGES!

But very happy with the neatness of the trimmed HST's

That's where it all went wrong.

Joined lots together -  LOTS - (you know what's coming) 
With no bobbin thread!  
So after I had collected the confetti up again - filled the bobbin and finished with this

Which all needed pressing. It was late - very late. So off to bed I went still fuming at my stupidity!

I will get back to it later, but it has just taken me ages to update this blog and I am sitting here telling Mr T that I am working (which is what I should be doing!)

I now HAVE to do a bit of proper work, and blitz the house before Baby Sis arrives for a flying visit from France and J & R (the in-laws to be) arrive from "up north" for a pre wedding get together.

Got to finish before Friday as we are going away for a few days with 
this lovely lady and no sewing will be done, just because I can't leave her alone!

Trust me - I will get it done!


  1. Glad I am not the only one making silly mistakes on the 'sew a long' but have to say all those bits are looking good. Not as good as that scrummy person at the bottom. Have a good break x

    1. The air was (a bit) BLUE! So silly! But not the first and am sure it won't be the last time either!

  2. I will read your blog again soon but more taken with the lovely BABY PHOTO.
    sorry Lesley I do like you stitching but that baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. No problem liking Olivia! She is just the best!

  3. Looks like a lot of hard work.
    Have a lovely time with your little lady.
    I've been with my little one all week.
    Enjoy xxx