Monday, 11 January 2016

Getting On With It

 Well, I've got to get on with SOMETHING!
December seemed to be full of interuptions, last minute requests that I can't say "No" to, and generally messing about.

So far January has not been much better - BUT - though I had planned a sewing day on Wednesday, Mr T decided that he was going to tidy the loft!
Now don't get me wrong, my man is a gem. Very laid back, helps out loads with the domestic stuff, and lets me get away with murder, but his idea of tidying will be to move stuff from one side to the other.

So off up into the loft I went with him and two hours later, it's almost done, and dear hubby looking like he had been hit by a wet fish!  One trip to the tip, and one to the Charity shop and we have cleared all of our ..... why do we keep stuff .. stuff.

A small section needs to be viewed by the "children" and then I can happily say that what is up there will be used again ( Christmas decs and Suitcases)

So now we are at Thursday and so I went straight into my little sewing room and started sorting fabrics (from my scraps - why do they never seem to diminish?)
 As I was about to get on with this months Mini Mania, I don't need much fabric, but I had sorted some half square triangles that had been left over from previous Mini makes so decided to go with them.  My maths brain was still obviously laying on my pillow, because I had anticipated the blocks finishing at 3"
 WRONG!  Finished One and a half inches!  But I had done 1 so 8 more couldn't be to hard?
 I whizzed up some 1/4 square triangles but sewed the last row onto the wrong side! Stupid! So unpick and re sew but this time the wrong way round. Unpick and re sew. WRONG AGAIN!!  Fourth time lucky
By bedtime the front was finished and Friday saw the whole thing quilted and bound.
 All will be revealed at the end of the month. We have a new member to our little group, and I know that she has started her so an extra one to see this time. Still time to join in if you are interested.

After the disappointment of how my first "swap" went ( people not generally joining in with the communication and then dropping out at the last minute so having been given a third partner my bag went off LAST in the group, though it had been finished for over 5 months) - well I was asked by a different Instagram friend, to join in the Totes Amaze-balls swap. So I have. 

 I have chosen my pattern, and found some Zombie type fabric ( so not my thing, but it seems my partner favours this theme) quite by chance so I felt that it was a "sign".
 I am using Noodlehead's Cross Body Bag pattern but wanted to increase the size a bit but when I went to my printer (that had worked perfectly the previous day) it would not print anything black!  6 hours later I was still messing about with it but it has died. Just one day after I had put £60 worth of new ink cartridges in it!  Long story later - I have a new (to me) printer that needs the same cartridges so was able to print of the pattern pieces 20% larger, and actually cut my fabric!

Our first "check in" is at the end of January, and I am hoping that my bag will be done by then.
I must remember to take some progress pics as we have two more "check ins" and the final bag is to be posted off in May.

On the crochet front, the blanket that I am making has grown significantly and is quite cosy to work on now that the evenings are feeling colder. I am over half way I think, and seem to be getting a bit quicker.

I must remember that Double crochet does not grow as quickly as Trebles, but it is for darling daughter, and she likes it.


  1. I too, am working on my mini mania and my triangles are too big so back to my, literally, graph paper to re-measure! this hard going!!

  2. You have been busy. Love the look of the mini quilt, and your blanket is growing so quickly, should be finished before the next crochet meet up ๐Ÿ˜….

  3. Great projects! I can't wait to see your tiny sampler! And good luck with your next swap. I had a great partner and got a great package from the Around the World Swap, but I'm in two new swaps and neither of the ladies I'm sewing for post very often. It's not as much fun to sew for them. :-(

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