Saturday, 30 January 2016

Mini Mania January Reveal

 It's a good job that I cracked on with the December/January Mini Mania early on in December because since Christmas, my sewing mojo has deserted me. I have loads to do, just no motivation to get on with it.

I have spent many hours playing with beads and making Christmas baubles in all sorts of colours and patterns and I am sure there will be more where these came from

 It's not that I've been idle. I have made good progress with my crochet blanket and once a week I make myself sew all the ends in

There's a lot of ends......

But I think I only have a dozen or so rows to complete before I stitch a border and then done!

That has been put to one side as Little Miss needs a new white cardigan so that has taken priority. Hopefully I will get the last sleeve finished and the border knitted up before we see her next. If not it will go off in the post and we always have a "thank you" video so that is lovely. How that child is growing!
my lovely Yarn-bowl bought at Fibre East last year
Back to the Mini Mania

I had sorted out some fabrics for this challenge, but I had also sorted out some of the leftover half square triangles from previous Minis and thought that it would be a good idea to use these.  We are making a Sampler Quilt and I was planning on 3" blocks.

My first block went together well, but my calculations were a "bit" awry ! 
Duh!! finished size is one and a half inches!!
 But I have made one block, so I can't waste that can I?

You know when you sew a strip on the wrong side?  And then on the right side but the wrong way round?  Twice ?  Yup. That was me!
still not giving up!
 Well, I got nine blocks done and thought it best to cut my losses and leave it at that.
 Quilting commenced and binding added
but I don't like the binding .......
 So off came the binding and changed for a softer colour.

Nine blocks and a finished quilt size of 8 1/2"

I have given myself a bit of  a kick up the whatsit and pulled a load of fabrics that I have had for a while and am surely never going to use because I have more that I like better.

A few hours using the over-locker

and a few more on the sewing machine has

resulted in 46 pairs of shorts that will be sent off to the Dress a Child Charity 
Just need to finish threading the elastic through all those waistbands...

Oh! And I whizzed up 9 more knitting bags with those bits and now I have a whole empty drawer.

And a "need to think about this" project has begun. I had been given an old faux leather tub chair which I plan to re-cover (hate leather and faux leather even more)
 I have been wondering how best to take a pattern for this when Darling Daughter came to visit.........
One chair "uncovered" and old cover ready as pattern!


  1. where do all the ends go!?????

  2. Love your Mini and that chair looks great. You will enjoy covering it.

  3. Love that mini, almost a miniature rather than mini, its so cute. What a good idea to spend one evening a week sewing those ends in as its such a tiresome job. Well done on your shorts-a-thon, 46 pairs....goodness your cupboard must be empty. More photos of the chair when finished please

  4. thank you thank you for the shorts I have 20 pairs plus 15 dress's so they can soon go. many thanks and God Bless you

  5. It looks like you've been busy despite the lack of mojo! I have to admit, mine has been hit and miss lately, too, which is terrible timing as I've a lot to do. A friend's birthday in a week and a half and I'm making her a mini, a charity group quilt I'm organizing for a family in our neighborhood who lost their 2-year-old to cancer, another runner for another friend who has a new house...loads to do. Plus all the other WIPs and wishlist quilts... :-) I'm thoroughly impressed by your stack of shorts, though! Sounds like a great cause. Good luck with the chair!